This is a layer where we backport recipes and bbclasses from newer Yocto (with minimal modifications needed to make it compatible with the old one we're using). That way when upgrading to newer Yocto we just delete all meta-luneos-backports-* layers and we shouldn't loose anything. Instead of searching for all backported changes in meta-luneos layer and separating luneos modifications to bbappend when the main recipe is already elsewhere in upstream.

Setup information

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Last commit: 9 years, 9 months ago (dora branch)



The meta-luneos-backports-2-8 layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
activitymanager 3.0.0-123+ow+gitrX Open webOS component to manage all running activities.
adapterbase 0.2 A base class library for browser plugins loaded by Open webOS
alljoyn 3.4.6 AllSeen Alliance Open Source Project
alsa-plugins 1.0.26 ALSA Plugins
android-headers 4.4.3+gitrX Android header files
android-property-service 0.1.0+gitrX Simple service to retrieve, set and get notified about android properties.
app-services 3.0.1-4+wop+gitrX JavaScript services for apps
audio-service 0.1.0-7+ow+gitrX Service interface to control pulseaudio through a ls2 based API.
bootchart2 0.14.5+gitX Booting sequence and CPU,I/O usage monitor
browser-adapter 0.4 NPAPI browser plugin to isis-browser
browserserver 0.7.2+wop+gitrX Web rendering daemon for the isis-browser
c-ares 1.10.0 c-ares is a C library that resolves names asynchronously.
certmgrd 0.1.0-1+ow+gitrX Certificate Management Service
cjson 1.8.0-35+ow+gitrX Open webOS edition of the open-source json-c library
cmake A cross-platform, open-source make system
cmake-modules-webos-native 1.0.0~rc7-19+ow+gitrX CMake modules used by webOS
cmake-native A cross-platform, open-source make system 0.21+wop+gitrX Enyo 1.0 Browser application
configurator 3.0.0-59+ow+gitrX Creates the database schema for Open webOS apps
connman 1.24 A daemon for managing internet connections within embedded devices
connman-adapter 0.1.0+gitrX Connman service adapter for Open webOS
cordova 2.3.0-1+wop+gitrX PhoneGap is a web platform that exposes native mobile device apis and data to JavaScript.
core-apps 3.0.0-2+wop+gitrX Core applications that are part of Open webOS
cpputest 3.5+gitX CppUTest is a C/C++ based unit xUnit test framework for unit testing.
cpushareholder-stub 2.0.1-2+ow+gitrX Stubbed implementation of the webOS CPU shares scripts
crash-handler 0.6+gitrX Tim Bird's experimental crash_handler program.
cryptodev-linux 1.6 A /dev/crypto device driver
db 4.8.30 Berkeley DB v4.
db8 3.2.0-142+ow+gitrX A userspace service that provides access to the Open webOS database
devshell 1.0 Runs a shell in an environment as emitted by BitBake to execute tasks
enyo-1.0 1.0-128.2+wop+gitrX Enyo 1.0 JavaScript application framework
fbprogress 2.0.0-22+ow+gitrX Utility for drawing progress to the frame buffer
filecache 2.0.0-63+ow+gitrX Open webOS daemon to cache filesystem requests
fingerterm 1.0.3+gitrX A terminal emulator with a custom virtual keyboard
foundation-frameworks 1.1-3+ow+gitrX Loadable foundation frameworks for apps and services
glibcurl 0.7.3-5+ow+gitrX Open webOS edition of the open-source glibcurl library
gptfdisk 0.8.10 Programs for creating and maintenance of GUID Partition Table
gstreamer1.0 1.2.2 GStreamer 1.0 multimedia framework
gstreamer1.0-libav 1.2.2 Libav-based GStreamer 1.x plugin
gstreamer1.0-omx 1.0.0 OpenMAX IL plugins for GStreamer
gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad 1.2.2 Plugins for GStreamer 1.x
gstreamer1.0-plugins-base 1.2.2 Plugins for GStreamer 1.x
gstreamer1.0-plugins-good 1.2.2 Plugins for GStreamer 1.x
gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly 1.2.2 Plugins for GStreamer 1.x
gtest 1.7.0 Google C++ Testing Framework
gtkmm-utils 0.4.1 C++ utility and widget library based on glibmm and gtkmm
hunspell 1.3.2 Hunspell spell checker and morphological analyzer
icecc-create-env-native 1.0.1 This is a modified version of the icecc-create-env script in order tomake it work with OE.
isis-fonts 0.1 Isis-fonts package from isis-project
jemalloc 0.20080828a-0webos9-12+ow+gitrX Open webOS edition of the open-source FreeBSD memory allocation library
json-c 0.11 C bindings for apps which will manipulate JSON data
keyboard-efigs 3.0.0-2+wop+gitrX Open webOS default virtual keyboard
keymanager 0.1.0+gitrX Keymanager implementation for webOS ports
leveldb 1.15.0 LevelDB is a fast key-value storage library that provides an ordered mapping from string keys to string values
leveldb-tl 0.1.1 LevelDB Template Library
libconnman-qt 1.0.74+gitrX Qt bindings for the connman dbus API
libevdev 1.0 A library for handling evdev kernel devices
libmtp 1.1.6 MTP Library
libnih 1.0.3 libnih library
libnsbmp 0.1.0 BMP Library
libpalmsocket 2.0.0-32+ow+gitrX Palm Socket Library with SSL Support
libpbnjson 2.9.0-38+ow+gitrX Palm's Better Native JSON library
libqofono 0.49+gitrX Qt 5 bindings for the ofono dbus API
librdx-stub 2.0.0-9+ow+gitrX Stubbed version of the webOS Remote Diagnostics Library
librolegen 2.1.0-20+ow+gitrX Library for dynamically generating webOS system bus role files for webOS JavaScript services
libsandbox 2.0.0-16+ow+gitrX libsandbox is a collection of APIs for separating running programs
libsdl2 2.0.2-8197 Simple DirectMedia Layer
libsoup-2.4 2.40.3 An HTTP library implementation in C
libsuspend 1.0.0-2+ow+gitrX Small library implementing Android suspend mechanism
libwebos-application 0.1.0-3+ow+gitrX libwebos-application implements lifecycle support for native applications.
libwebos-gui 1.0.0+gitrX webOS graphics library
loadable-frameworks 1.0.1-2+wop+gitrX Loadable frameworks component for the core applications
luna-applauncher 4.0.0-2+wop+gitrX Just Type application for Open webOS
luna-appmanager 1.0.0-4+ow+gitrX webOS ports Application Manager
luna-init 2.0.1-10+wop+gitrX Initialization, setup, and font files used by luna-sysmgr and luna-sysservice
luna-next 0.1.0-12+ow+gitrX Next generation webOS UI which meant to be a complete replacement for LunaSysMgr/WebAppMgr and is completely based on well known open source technologies like Qt 5 and Wayland.
luna-next-cardshell 0.1.0-25+ow+gitrX Card shell implementation for the next generation webOS UI
luna-next-conf 1.0 Platform specific configuration files for the next generation webOS UI
luna-prefs 2.0.0-7+wop+gitrX Open webOS preferences manager
luna-prefs-data 2.0.0-2 Open webOS product preference data
luna-qml-launcher 0.1.0-1+ow+gitrX The qml application launcher for the Luna Next webOS UI platform.
luna-service2 3.9.3-194+wop+gitrX Open webOS Luna System Bus library, daemon, and utilities
luna-sysmgr 3.0.0-3+wop+gitrX Open webOS System Manager
luna-sysmgr-common 3.0.0-3+wop+gitrX Library containing common parts of luna-sysmgr and webappmanager
luna-sysmgr-conf 3.0.0-3+wop+gitrX Open webOS System Manager - machine specific configuration files
luna-sysmgr-ipc 2.0.0-2+ow+gitrX Open webOS IPC library used by luna-sysmgr
luna-sysmgr-ipc-messages 2.0.0-1+wop+gitrX Public headers for multiprocess support in LunaSysMgr
luna-sysservice 2.0.1-38+ow+gitrX Provides image manipulation, preference, timezone and ringtone services for Open webOS components
luna-systemui 2.0.0-2+wop+gitrX WebOS user interface support module
luna-universalsearchmgr 2.0.0-1+ow+gitrX Open webOS Just Type daemon
luna-webappmanager 0.1.0+gitrX This is the web application launcher for the Luna Next webOS UI platform.
luna-webkit-api 2.0.0-1+wop+gitrX Public APIs for keyboard and field functionality in WebKit and LunaSysMgr
lxc 1.0.1 lxc aims to use these new functionnalities to provide an userspace container object
media-permission-service 0.1.0+gitrX Node.js service to ask for permission to media indexer database.
mediaindexer 0.1.0-8+ow+gitrX The mediaindexer service component
mjson 1.0.1 M's JSON parser is a small library completely written in plain ISO C which handles documents described by the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data interchange format.
mojoloader 1.1-11+ow+gitrX JavaScript loader for foundation frameworks and other loadable libraries
mojolocation-stub 2.0.0-2+ow+gitrX Location stub service
mojomail-common 2.0.0-99+ow+gitrX Common Email Service Library used by other email services
mojomail-imap 2.0.0-99+ow+gitrX IMAP sync transport for Open webOS
mojomail-pop 2.0.0-99+ow+gitrX POP3 email transport service for Open webOS
mojomail-smtp 2.0.0-99+ow+gitrX SMTP transport service for sending emails
mojoservice-frameworks 1.1-3+wop+gitrX Loadable frameworks for sync services
mojoservicelauncher 3.0.1-81+ow+gitrX Open webOS component responsible for launching the node.js services
mtp-server 0.0.3+gitrX Small server implementation of MTP (based on Android)
mtpfs 1.1 FUSE filesystem module to mount media player
node-dbus 0.2.8+gitrX node-dbus is a D-Bus binding for Node.js
node-gyp-native 0.12.2 Node.js native addon build tool
node-gyp-packages-native 0.12.2 Dependent packages and registry for node-gyp
node-sqlite3 2.2.0+gitrX Asynchronous, non-blocking SQLite3 bindings for Node.js
node-taglib 0.8.0+gitrX node-taglib is a simple binding to TagLib in Javascript
nodejs 0.10.25 nodeJS Evented I/O for V8 JavaScript
nodejs-module-webos-dynaload 3.0.1-14+ow+gitrX A module for nodejs that allows dynamic loading and execution of Javascript files
nodejs-module-webos-pmlog 3.0.1-18+ow+gitrX A module for nodejs that allows Javascript access to the Open webOS logging system
nodejs-module-webos-sysbus 3.0.1-31+ow+gitrX A module for nodejs that allows Javascript access to the Open webOS system bus
novacomd 2.0.0-124+ow+gitrX NovaCOMd -- Daemon for NovaCOM (device and host)
npapi-headers 0.4 The header files used to develop NPAPI plugins and browsers
nyx-conf 1.0 Machine specific configuration file for the Nyx hardware abstraction layer
nyx-lib 6.1.0-70+ow+gitrX Open webOS portability layer - library
nyx-modules 6.1.0-94+wop+gitrX webOS portability layer - qemux86-specific modules
nyx-modules-hybris 0.1.0+gitrX webOS portability layer - libhybris based modules
nyx-utils 1.1.2-17+ow+gitrX Command line utilities for the Open webOS Platform Portability Layer
openssl 1.0.1h Secure Socket Layer
org.webosinternals.ipkgservice 2.0.0-2+ow+gitrX Package management service for Open webOS
org.webosinternals.preware 2.0.2+gitrX Preware is a webOS on-device homebrew installer.
org.webosinternals.service.upstartmgr 0.1.0+gitX Upstart management service for Open webOS
org.webosinternals.tweaks 3.0.1+gitrX Tweaks for your webOS device. 0.1.0+gitrX Browser application written from scratch for webOS ports 0.1.1+gitrX Calculator app re-written from scratch for Open webOS 0.0.1+gitrX Calendar app re-written from scratch for Open webOS 0.0.1+gitrX Contacts app re-written from scratch for Open webOS 1.0.0+gitrX File manager application for webOS ports 0.2.0+gitrX webOS Ports First Use application 1.0.6+gitrX Memos app re-written from scratch for Open webOS 1.0.0+gitrX PDF viewer application based on Mozilla's pdf.js 0.1.0-5+ow+gitrX Phone app written from scratch for Open webOS 0.3.0+gitrX Settings app written from scratch for Open webOS 0.1.0+gitrX Testing app for webOS ports
org.webosports.cdav 0.3.15+gitrX Node.js service to provide synergy connector for CardDav and CalDav
org.webosports.service.devmode 0.1.0+gitrX webOS Ports Developer mode management service
org.webosports.service.licenses 0.1.0+gitrX License management service for the webOS ports project
org.webosports.service.update 0.1.0+gitrX webOS Ports system update service
packagegroup-webos-extended 1.0 meta-webos components used in Open webOS
packagegroup-webos-internal 1.0 Internal components used in Open webOS
packagegroup-webos-ports-development 1.0 Development components use by the webOS ports project
packagegroup-webos-ports-extended 1.0 Basic set of components use by the webOS ports project
packagegroup-webos-ports-sdk-target 1.0 webOS ports Software Development Kit
packagegroup-webos-telephony 1.0 Telephony components use by the Open webOS ports project
packagegroup-webos-temp 1.0 Temporary additions to Open webOS images
packagegroup-webos-test 1.0 Test components used in Open webOS
phonesim 1.19 Phone Simulator for modem testing
pmcertificatemgr 2.0.0-29+ow+gitrX Provides certificate storage and wrapper API on openssl certificate manipulation functions
pmklogd 2.0.0-17+ow+gitrX Kernel logging daemon
pmlogconf 2.0.0-16+ow+gitrX Open webOS logging daemon configuration
pmlogctl 3.0.0-17+ow+gitrX Open webOS logging control application
pmlogdaemon 3.0.0-120+ow+gitrX Open webOS logging daemon
pmloglib 3.1.0-52+ow+gitrX Open webOS logging library
pmloglib-private 3.1.0-52+ow+gitrX Open webOS logging library - private interface
pmstatemachineengine 2.0.0-13+ow+gitrX Open webOS library for implementing finite state machines
powerd 4.0.0-25+ow+gitrX Power policy daemon
powerstat 0.01.17 Powerstat measures the power consumption of a laptop using the ACPI battery information.
presage 0.8.9 Presage is an intelligent predictive text entry system.
ptmalloc3 1.0 Multi-thread malloc implementation
pulseaudio-distro-conf 1.0 Distribution specific configuration for Pulseaudio
pulseaudio-modules-droid 4.0+gitrX PulseAudio Droid HAL modules
python-cmd2 0.6.7 Extra features for standard library's cmd module
python-dbusmock 0.10.1 With this program/Python library you can easily create mock objects on D-Bus
python-mccabe 0.2.1 McCabe checker, plugin for flake8
python-mock 1.0.1 A Python Mocking and Patching Library for Testing
python-pep8 1.4.6 Python style guide checker
python-prettytable 0.7.2 Python library for displaying tabular data in a ASCII table format
python-pyflakes 0.7.3 passive checker of Python programs
python-pyparsing 2.0.1 Python parsing module
python-tz-native 2014.1 pytz brings the Olson tz database into Python
qmake-webos-native 4.8.3-4+ow+gitrX Open webOS edition of the qmake makefile configurator from Qt4
qt-palm-plugin 0.1.0+gitrX Qt QPA plugin for Open webOS rendering
qt-webos-plugin 0.1.0+gitrX Qt QPA plugin for Open webOS offscreen rendering
qt4-webos 4.8.3-4+ow+gitrX Open webOS edition of the Qt4 cross-platform application framework
qt5-opengles2-test 1.0.2+gitrX Qt5 OpenGL ES 2.0 Test Application
qt5-plugin-generic-vboxtouch 1.0+gitrX Touchscreen driver for integrated mouse pointer in VirtualBox
qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin 5.2.0+gitrX This QPA plugin allows rendering on top of libhybris-based hwcomposer EGL platforms. The hwcomposer API is specific to a given Droid release, and sometimes also SoC type (generic, qcom, exynos4, ...).
qt5-webos-plugin 0.1.0+gitrX Qt QPA plugin for Open webOS offscreen rendering
qtmultimedia 5.1.1
rdx-utils-stub 2.0.0-1+ow+gitrX Stubbed implementation of the webOS Remote Diagnostics Utilities
sdl2-opengles-test 1.0.6+gitrX SDL2 OpenGL ES Test Applications
sdparm 1.08 The sdparm utility accesses SCSI device parameters
serviceinstaller 2.0.0-2+wop+gitrX An extensible object oriented component used to add service components to webOS
sleepd 1.1.1-30+wop+gitrX Sleep scheduling policy daemon
smartkey-hun 3.0.0-16+ow+gitrX Implementation of the Open webOS SmartKey spell checking service using hunspell
smemstat 0.01.10+gitrX Smemstat reports the physical memory usage taking into consideration shared memory.
snowshoe 0.2.6+gitrX Snowshoe is an open source project to build a cross platform browser application with multiple user interfaces while sharing the same core engine, based on Qt5 and WebKit2 technologies.
sp-measure 1.3.5+gitX A library for measuring resource consumption (CPU, memory)
sp-memusage 1.3.2+gitX A collection of memory usage monitoring tools and scripts
sqlcipher 3.0.0 Open Source Full Database Encryption for SQLite
storaged 2.1.0-5+ow+gitrX Mass Storage Mode Manager
token-generator 1.0 Generate needed tokens for Open webOS on device boot
tzcode-native 2014a tzcode, timezone zoneinfo utils -- zic, zdump, tzselect
tzdata 2014a Timezone data
uchardet 0.0.1 uchardet is a C language binding of the original C++ implementation of the universal charset detection library by Mozilla.
underscore 0.6.0-8+ow+gitrX The underscore.js utility-belt library for JavaScript made into an Open webOS loadable framework
upstart 1.10 Event driven system init
upstart 0.3.11 Event driven system init
upstart-getty 1.0 tty configuration for upstart
uriparser 0.8.0 RFC 3986 compliant URI parsing library
valgrind 3.9.0 Valgrind memory debugger and instrumentation framework
vboxguestdrivers 4.3.8 VirtualBox Linux Guest Drivers
wakelockd 0.1.0-1+ow+gitrX Wakelock handling daemon for proper suspend/resume integration
wayland 1.2.1 Wayland, a protocol between a compositor and clients
web-apps 0.1.0+gitrX Several mobile optimized websites packaged as webOS application
webapp-launcher 0.1.0-33+ow+gitrX This is the web application launcher for the Luna Next webOS UI platform.
webappmanager 3.0.0-3+wop+gitrX WebAppMgr is responsible for running Enyo applications on webOS
webkit-supplemental 0.5 WebKit supplemental features for Open webOS
webkit-webos 0.54 Open webOS edition of the WebKit web rendering engine
webos-connman-adapter 1.0.0-11+ow+gitrX Open webOS component for managing network connections using connman
webos-image 1.0 Reference Open webOS image
webos-image-devel 1.0 Reference Open webOS image
webos-initscripts 2.0.0-123+ow+gitrX Event-driven startup scripts for system services
webos-keyboard 0.99.0+gitX webOS on-screen keyboard based on the Ubuntu Touch keyboard
webos-ports-dev-emulator-appliance 1.0 Developers webOS Ports emulator appliance
webos-ports-dev-image 1.0 Developers webOS Ports image
webos-ports-dev-package 1.0+gitrX
webos-ports-emulator-appliance 1.0 webOS Ports emulator appliance
webos-ports-image 1.0 Reference Open webOS image
webos-ports-package 1.0+gitrX
webos-ports-sdk 1.0 Meta package for building a installable toolchain
webos-shutdownscripts 2.1.0-36+ow+gitrX Open webOS shutdown scripts
webos-system-update 1.0.0-3+ow+gitrX Application to start and monitor the update of the WebOS-Ports system
webos-systemd-services 1.0+gitrX Service configurations run Open webOS daemons with systemd
webos-systemsounds 1.0.0+gitX System sounds effects for webOS
webos-telephonyd 0.1.0-1+ow+gitrX Open webOS Telephony daemon
xulrunner 3.6.27 XULRunner Open Source Project
yajl 1.0.12 Yet Another JSON Library - A Portable JSON parsing and serialization library in ANSI C