Xilinx hardware support metadata for Zynq, ZynqMP and Microblaze architectures

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git://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-xilinx web repo

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The meta-xilinx layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
external-xilinx-toolchain External Xilinx toolchain
linux-xlnx 3.8-xilinx+gitf4ff79d44a966ebea6229213816d17eb472b303e Xilinx Kernel
linux-xlnx 3.10-xilinx+gitefc27505715e64526653f35274717c0fc56491e3 Xilinx Kernel
linux-xlnx-dev 3.10+-xilinx-dev+git669ee45083e22963d7fb7b774c5d7893ed35de2e Xilinx Kernel
u-boot-xlnx v2013.07-xilinx+gitX U-Boot - the Universal Boot Loader
u-boot-xlnx v2013.01-xilinx+gitX U-Boot - the Universal Boot Loader
u-boot-xlnx master-next-xilinx+git U-Boot - the Universal Boot Loader
kc705-trd-microblazeel Machine support for Xilinx KC705 Embedded Kit TRD.
qemumicroblaze MicroBlaze QEMU machine support ('petalogix-ml605' model)
qemuzynq Zynq QEMU machine support ('xilinx-zynq-a9' model)
zc702-zynq7 Machine support for ZC702 Evaluation Board.
zc706-zynq7 Machine support for ZC706 Evaluation Board.
zedboard-zynq7 Machine support for ZedBoard. (http://www.zedboard.org/)