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The meta-selinux layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
audit 2.8.5 User space tools for kernel auditing
checkpolicy 3.0 SELinux policy compiler
core-image-selinux 1.0 Image with SELinux support
core-image-selinux-minimal 1.0 Minimal image with SELinux support (no python)
libselinux 3.0 SELinux library and simple utilities
libselinux-python 3.0 SELinux library and simple utilities
libsemanage 3.0 SELinux binary policy manipulation library
libsepol 3.0 SELinux binary policy manipulation library
mcstrans 3.0 Daemon to translate SELinux MCS/MLS sensitivity labels
packagegroup-core-selinux 1.0 SELinux packagegroup for Poky
packagegroup-selinux-minimal 1.0 SELinux packagegroup with only packages required for basic operations
packagegroup-selinux-policycoreutils 1.0 SELinux policycoreutils packagegroup
policycoreutils 3.0 SELinux policy core utilities
refpolicy-mcs 2.20200229+gitX MCS (Multi Category Security) variant of the SELinux policy
refpolicy-minimum 2.20200229+gitX SELinux minimum policy
refpolicy-mls 2.20200229+gitX MLS (Multi Level Security) variant of the SELinux policy
refpolicy-standard 2.20200229+gitX Standard variants of the SELinux policy
refpolicy-targeted 2.20200229+gitX SELinux targeted policy
restorecond 3.0 Daemon to watch for file creation and set default file context
secilc 3.0 SELinux Common Intermediate Language (CIL) compiler
selinux-autorelabel 0.1 SELinux autorelabel script
selinux-dbus 3.0 SELinux dbus service files
selinux-gui 3.0 SELinux GUI tools
selinux-init 0.1 SELinux init script
selinux-labeldev 0.1 SELinux init script
selinux-python 3.0 Python modules and various SELinux utilities.
selinux-sandbox 3.0 Run cmd under an SELinux sandbox
semodule-utils 3.0 Utilities to manipulate SELinux policy module package
setools 4.3.0 Policy analysis tools for SELinux