Linaro layer for openembedded

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The meta-linaro layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
arndale-pre-boot Binary pre-bootloader for Arndale (BL1)
auto-serial-console 0.1 Auto Serial Console and Auto Login scripts
calibrator 0.9e Cache-Memory and TLB calibration tool
confuse 2.7 Library for parsing configuration files.
daq-odp 20140828+gitX OpenDataPlane Data Acquisition (DAQ) module for Snort.
dwarfdump 20121130
dwarfdump2 20121130
dwarfgen 20121130
efibootmgr 0.5.4 EFI Boot Manager
files-injection 1.0 Random files to be injected into rootfs
ganglia 3.6.0 Ganglia is a scalable distributed monitoring system for high-performance computing systems such as clusters and Grids.
gator 5.20+gitX DS-5 Gator daemon
hiphopvm 2.0.2+gitX
idlestat 0.2+gitX Idlestat is a tool which can show how long a CPU or cluster enters idle state. This infomation is obtained using traces from trace-cmd or ftrace tools.
initramfs-boot-linaro 1.0 Simple init script
kernelshark 2.3.2 Graphical trace viewer for Ftrace
latency-test git Latency test
libdwarf 20121130
libevent-fb 1.4.14b An asynchronous event notification library
linaro-image-alip 1.0 Linaro image with basic X11 and firefox
linaro-image-arago 1.0 Arago based image for testing
linaro-image-kvm 1.0 A small image for Linaro KVM validation.
linaro-image-lamp 1.0
linaro-image-leg-java 1.0 A Lamp-based image for Linaro Enterprise Java validation.
linaro-image-lng 1.0
linaro-image-minimal 1.0 A small image just capable of allowing a device to boot.
linaro-image-minimal-initramfs 1.0 Initramfs image for kernel boot testing
linaro-image-minimal-ltp 1.0 A small image just capable of allowing a device to boot.
linaro-image-sdk 1.0 A small SDK based image for Linaro development work.
linaro-image-toolchain-benchmark 1.0 A small image just capable of allowing a device to boot.
linaro-lava-tests 1.0 Scripts and files for LAVA tests
linaro-lng-rt-x86-64 3.14+gitX Linaro LNG Kernel Basic support recipe
linaro-lng-x86-64 3.14+gitX Linaro LNG Kernel Basic support recipe
linaro-sysroot-alip 1.0 Linaro image with basic X11 and firefox
linaro-sysroot-lamp 1.0
linux-linaro-aarch64 4.0+gitX Linaro Kernel common bits
linux-linaro-stable-vexpress 3.10+gitX Linaro Kernel common bits
linux-linaro-vexpress 4.0+gitX Linaro Kernel common bits
lng-network-config 0.1 This package contains LNG specific configuration
lshw 02.16 Hardware lister
meta-toolchain-hhvm 1.0 Meta package for building a installable toolchain
odp 20140820+gitX OpenDataPlane (ODP) provides a data plane application programming environment that is easy to use, high performance, and portable between networking SoCs.
packagegroup-core-standalone-hhvm-sdk-target 1.0 HipHop VM porting SDK (target tools)
powerdebug 0.7.3 PowerDebug is a tool to display regulator, sensor and clock information. Data is refreshed every few seconds. There is also dump option to display the information just once.
rt-app 0.1+0.2-alpha2
stress 1.0.4 Deliberately simple workload generator for POSIX systems. It imposes a configurable amount of CPU, memory, I/O, and disk stress on the system.
trace-cmd 2.3.2 User interface to Ftrace
trinity 1.4+1.5pre a Linux System call fuzz teste.
usecpu 0.1+gitX Uses the CPU
genericarmv7a generic machine to be used by linaro-media-create
genericarmv7ab generic machine to be used by linaro-media-create