The Linux microPlatform is an extensible software and hardware platform that makes it easier to develop, secure, and maintain Internet-connected Linux-based embedded devices. The Linux microPlatform is based on OpenEmbedded / Yocto Project, and adds a select set of board support package layers to enable popular development boards. This meta layer contains the base distribution definition and core recipes.

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The meta-lmp-base layer depends upon:


The meta-lmp-base layer recommends:

Recipe name Version Description
aktualizr-fiovb-env-rollback 1.0 Aktualizr configuration snippet to enable Foundries.IO verified boot bootcount function
aktualizr-lite-public-stream 1.0 Enables aktualizr-lite public stream updates
bluetooth-attach 0.1 Bluetooth Serial Attach Initialization
bt-6lowpan-setup 0.1 Setup BT 6LoWPAN network / modules
compose-apps-early-start 1.0 A systemd oneshot helper to start compose apps as early as possible
containerd-opencontainers v1.5.11+gitX containerd is a daemon to control runC
crucible v2021.05.03+gitX One-Time-Programmable (OTP) fusing tool
custom-sota-client git Custom SOTA Client example based on the aktualizr-lite C++ API
docker-auto-prune 0.1 Automatic Docker System Prune service for removal of unused data
docker-ce 20.10.14-ce+git87a90dc786bda134c9eb02adbae2c6a7342fb7f6 Linux container runtime
docker-cli-config 0.1 Default system configuration file for Docker cli
docker-compose 2.4.1 Define and run multi-container applications with Docker
docker-compose-switch 1.0.4 Compose Switch is a replacement to the Compose V1 docker-compose (python) executable. It translates the command line into Compose V2 docker compose then run the latter.
docker-credential-helper-fio 0.1 Docker-credential helper to handle for registered devices
fio-docker-fsck git A tool to check and fix an image&layer store of the docker daemon
fioconfig git A daemon to handle configuration management for devices in a Foundries Factory
ima-inspect 0.14 Output IMA/EVM extended attributes in a human readable format
ima-policy-tcb 1.0 IMA sample tcb policy
initramfs-ostree-lmp-image 1.0 Linux microPlatform OSTree initramfs image
jool 4.0.4 SIIT and NAT64 for Linux
libfyaml 0.6.3 A fancy 1.3 YAML and JSON parser/writer.
linux-lmp 5.15.34+gitX Linux kernel
linux-lmp-dev 5.15-rc+gitX Linux kernel
linux-lmp-dev-mfgtool 5.10.93+gitX Linux kernel
linux-lmp-lts 5.10.111+gitX Linux kernel
linux-lmp-rt 5.15.34+gitX Linux kernel
lmp-auto-hostname 0.1 Automatic hostname update based on hardware specific information
lmp-base-console-image 1.0 Base console image which includes OTA Lite, Docker, and OpenSSH support
lmp-boot-firmware 0 Linux microPlatform Boot Firmware Files
lmp-device-auto-register 1.0 A systemd oneshot helper to auto register a device
lmp-device-register git Linux microPlatform OSF OTA+ device registration tool
lmp-device-tree 1.0 Linux microPlatform BSP device trees
lmp-gateway-image 1.0 Basic console-based gateway image
lmp-mini-image 1.0 Minimal image that includes OTA+ support
lshw git Hardware lister
mcumgr v0.0.1+git Management library for 32-bit MCUs
mfgtool-files 0.1 MFGTOOL Support Files and Binaries
mfgtool-resize-helper 0.1 Rootfs disk resize-helper for mfgtools
mxm-mwifiex-setup 0.1 Setup NXP MXM MWiFiEx kernel module
nss-altfiles 2.23.0+gitX NSS module which can read user information from files in an alternative location
optee-client 3.15.0 OP-TEE Client API
optee-examples 3.15.0 OP-TEE examples
optee-fiovb git OP-TEE Foundries.IO Verified Boot Client Application
optee-os-fio 3.15.0+git OP-TEE Trusted OS
optee-os-fio-mfgtool 3.15.0+git OP-TEE Trusted OS
optee-sks git OP-TEE TA/Library for Secure Key Services (PKCS#11)
optee-test 3.15.0 OP-TEE sanity testsuite
ostree-pending-reboot 0.1 OStree Pending Reboot service
ostreeuploader git Tools used to push an ostree repo to and check if it is synced with OSTreeHub
pkcs11-se050-import git Tool to import NXP SE050 Secure Objects into PKCS11 / OP-TEE
pkcs11test git A PKCS#11 Test Suite
plug-and-trust-seteec 3.3.0 NXP Plug and Trust Middleware with SETEEC support
python3-docker-vxcan 1.0.2 Docker NetworkDriver plugin providing CAN connectivity
python3-func-timeout 4.3.5 Support running any existing function with a given timeout
python3-plug-and-trust-ssscli 3.3.0 NXP Plug and Trust SSS Python command line tool
resize-helper 0.1 Rootfs disk resize-helper
runc-opencontainers 1.0.3+gitX runc container cli tools
sbin-path-helper 0.1 Add all sbin dirs to PATH for root user
sysctl-hang-crash-helper 0.1 sysctl hang/crash helper settings
sysctl-net-queue-pfifo-fast 0.1 sysctl set net queue to pfifo_fast
systemd-journald-config 1.0 Systemd Journald Configuration Fragment
systemd-watchdog-config 1.0 Systemd Watchdog Configuration Fragment
u-boot-base-scr 1.0 Boot script for launching lmp base images with u-boot (no ostree)
u-boot-fio 2021.07 Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
u-boot-fio 2021.04 Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
u-boot-fio-mfgtool 2021.04 Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
u-boot-ostree-scr 1.0 Boot script for launching OSTree based images with u-boot
u-boot-ostree-scr-fit 1.0 FIT image boot script for launching OSTree based images with u-boot
wireguard-module 1.0.20210606 WireGuard is an extremely simple yet fast and modern VPN
wpanusb git SoftMAC 802.15.4 kernel driver