This distribution is based on Ångström. Target is to build images with same experience as expected from a desktop distribution. * align console defaults (shortcuts/color) * pre-configured images for console/KDE/LXQT/KDE * replace some busybox tools which are missing important functions * ship an unprivileged user that inherits defaults This layer also supports users at frequent tasks: * Easy to extend script-framework to write images to sdcard. * Class to enable instant remote debugging Check README for more details

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Recipe name Version Description
allgui-base-image 1.0
allgui-dev-image 1.0
allgui-full-image 1.0
allgui-games-image 1.0
allgui-tiny-image 1.0
console-base-image 1.0
console-net-image 1.0
default-locale 0.1 Set default locale
fixmac 1.0 Provide random MAC address for devices with 00:00:00:00:00 as MAC address
gnome-base-image 1.0
gnome-tiny-image 1.0
group-wheel 1.0 Create usergroup wheel for sudo
kde-base-image 1.0
kde-full-image 1.0
kde-tiny-image 1.0
liri-base-image 1.0
lxqt-base-image 1.0
lxqt-default-config 1.0.1 This recipe presets xfce user default configuration
lxqt-full-image 1.0
lxqt-games-image 1.0
lxqt-tiny-image 1.0
packagegroup-gui-base 1.0 All packages required for a base image
packagegroup-gui-dev 1.0 All packages required for a dev image
packagegroup-gui-full 1.0 All packages required for a full image
packagegroup-gui-games 1.0 All packages required for a games image
packagegroup-gui-musicians 1.0 All packages required for musician image
packagegroup-gui-tiny 1.0 All packages required for a base image
packagegroup-kde-apps-tiny 1.0 Tiny KDE apps
qt5-core-world 1.0 All qt5 core - just for build test
ranpwd 1.2+gitX Random password generator
sddm-morona-autologin 1.0 Add SDDM autologing for user 'morona'
udev-rules-udisks-hide-bootpart 1.0 Add udisk/udev rule to hide boot partition from udev
unpriv-user 1.2 This recipe adds a user 'morona' without password
weston-base-image 1.0
xfce4-base-image 1.0
xfce4-default-config 1.0 This recipe presets xfce user default configuration
xfce4-dev-image 1.0
xfce4-full-image 1.0
xfce4-games-image 1.0
xfce4-music-dev-image 1.0
xfce4-music-image 1.0
xfce4-tiny-image 1.0
mortsgna Linux Distribution based on Angstrom