This layer provides support for Digi's ConnnecCore platforms for use with OpenEmbedded and/or Yocto.

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The meta-digi-arm layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
firmware-atheros 1.0 Firmware files for Digi's platforms, such as Atheros bluetooth.
firmware-qualcomm 1.0 Qualcomm firmware files for Digi's platforms.
kernel-module-atheros 1.0 Atheros's wireless driver
kernel-module-gpio 2.1 Example GPIO kernel module.
kernel-module-qualcomm v4.2.79.63 Qualcomm's wireless driver for qca6564
kobs-ng 3.0.35-4.1.0 Freescale's mxs nand update utility
libdigi 1.0 Digi's utilities library
linux-dey 4.1 Linux kernel for Digi boards
linux-dey 3.14 Linux kernel for Digi boards
linux-dey 3.10 Linux kernel for Digi boards
mca-tool 1.3 MCA firmware management tool
nvram 2013.01 Digi's NVRAM tool
trustfence-cst-native 2.3.2 NXP Code signing Tool for the High Assurance Boot library
trustfence-sign-tools 1.0 TrustFence signing and encryption scripts
u-boot-dey 2015.04 Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
u-boot-dey 2013.01 Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
ubootenv 1.0 Digi's ubootenv tool
update-flash 1.0 Digi's update test utility
ccardimx28js Digi's ConnectCore for MX28 JSK.
ccimx6sbc Digi's ConnectCore 6 SBC.
ccimx6ulsbc Digi's ConnectCore 6UL SBC.
ccimx6ulstarter Digi's ConnectCore 6UL Starter Board.