Provides support for boards from various vendors.

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The meta-freescale-3rdparty layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
bcm4329-nvram-config 1.0 Nvram support for Broadcom BCM4329 wifi/bt device
bcm4330-nvram-config 1.0 Nvram support for Broadcom BCM4330 wifi/bt device
kernel-module-mcc 2.1.01 Multicore communication kernel module
kernel-module-mcc-toradex 1.06+toradex2 Multicore communication kernel module for linux-toradex kernel
libmcc 1.05.1 Multicore communication Library
libmcc2 2.0.1 Multicore communication Library
linux-boundary 3.14.52 Linux kernel for Boundary Devices boards
linux-cfa 4.1.13 Linux kernel for Crystalfontz boards
linux-compulab 3.14.28 CompuLab 3.14.28 kernel
linux-congatec 3.14
linux-denx 3.9 DENX mainline based Linux kernel
linux-gateworks-imx 3.14
linux-timesys 3.13 Linux Kernel with added drivers and board support for Vybrid-based platforms
linux-toradex 4.1 Linux kernel for Toradex Colibri VFxx Computer on Modules
linux-toradex 3.14.28 Linux kernel for Toradex Freescale i.MX based modules
linux-wandboard 3.14.28 Linux kernel for Wandboard
linux-wandboard-rt 3.14.28 Linux kernel for Wandboard, with added real-time capabilities.
mqxboot 2.0.1 MQX Image loader - starts an MQX image on the M4
mqxboot 1.0.1 MQX Image loader - starts an MQX image on the M4
net-persistent-mac 1.0 Network device MAC persistency
u-boot-boundary v2015.07+gitX Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
u-boot-compulab 2014.10 Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
u-boot-gateworks-imx v2015.04+gitX Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
u-boot-script-boundary v2015.07+gitX
u-boot-script-gateworks-imx 1.0
u-boot-timesys v2011.12 Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
u-boot-toradex v2015.04-v2.5b3+gitX U-Boot bootloader with support for Toradex Computer on Modules
apalis-imx6 Toradex Apalis iMX6 SOM
cfa10036 CFA-10036
cfa10037 CFA-10037
cfa10049 CFA-10049
cfa10055 CFA-10055
cfa10056 CFA-10056
cfa10057 CFA-10057, also called CFA-920
cfa10058 CFA-10058, also called CFA-921
cgtqmx6 Congatec QMX6 Evaluation board
cm-fx6 CompuLab CM-FX6 machines
colibri-imx6 Toradex Colibri iMX6 SOM
colibri-vf Toradex Colibri VF50/VF61 powered by Freescale Vybrid SoC
cubox-i SolidRun CuBox-i and HummingBoard machines
imx233-olinuxino-maxi OLIMEX iMX233-OLinuXino-Maxi
imx233-olinuxino-micro OLIMEX iMX233-OLinuXino-Micro
imx233-olinuxino-mini OLIMEX iMX233-OLinuXino-Mini
imx233-olinuxino-nano OLIMEX iMX233-OLinuXino-Nano
imx6dl-riotboard i.MX6S RIoTboard.
imx6qsabrelite Boundary Devices i.MX6Q SABRE Lite
imx6sl-warp i.MX6SL WaRP board.
m28evk DENX M28 SoM Evaluation Kit
m53evk DENX M53 SoM Evaluation Kit
nitrogen6sx Boundary Devices Nitrogen6SX
nitrogen6x Boundary Devices Nitrogen6X
nitrogen6x-lite Boundary Devices Nitrogen6X Lite
pcm052 Phytec phyCORE Vybrid Development Kit
ventana Gateworks Ventana boards.
wandboard i.MX6 Wandboard Quad