For QorIQ targets, please use meta-freescale layer for pyro and newer releases.

Freescale PowerPC hardware support

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The meta-fsl-ppc layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
apptrk git Userspace debug agent for PA CodeWarrior
ar git Auto Response Control Module
asf git Non-DPAA software Application Specific Fast-path
boot-format git Boot format utility for booting from eSDHC/eSPI
ceetm git CEETM TC QDISC
cryptodev-linux 1.7 A /dev/crypto device driver header file
cryptodev-module 1.7 A /dev/crypto device driver kernel module
cryptodev-tests 1.7 A test suite for /dev/crypto device driver
cst git utility for security boot
dpa-offload git Data-Path Acceleration Architecture Offloading User-Space Drivers
eth-config git Ethernet Configuration Files
flib git Foundation Library
fm-ucode git Fman microcode binary
fmc git Frame Manager Configuration tool
fmlib git Frame Manager User Space Library
hv-cfg git Hypervisor Config
hypervisor git Freescale embedded hypervisor
ipc-modules-multi git Linux IPC KERNEL MODULE
ipc-modules-single git Linux IPC KERNEL MODULE
ipc-ust git Linux IPC Userspace Tool
ipsec-demo 0.1 Scripts and configuration files for ipsec demo
linux-qoriq 3.12 Linux kernel for Freescale platforms
merge-files 1.0 Merge prebuilt/extra files into rootfs
mux-server 1.02 A Linux-based utility supporting console multiplexing and demultiplexing
openssl 1.0.1i Secure Socket Layer
pkc-firmware git U-boot firmware for c293pcie support
pkc-host git pkc host driver
qe-ucode git qe microcode binary
qemu 2.2.0+fsl Fast open source processor emulator
qoriq-debug git QorIQ Debug File System Module
rcw git Reset Configuration Word
skmm-ep git SKMM application for PCIe endpoint
skmm-host git skmm host driver offload data to PCIe EP and push the data en-decrypted back to application
testfloat 2a A program for testing floating-point implementation
u-boot-qoriq 2015.01+fslgit U-boot bootloader
udev-rules-qoriq 1.0 udev rules for Freescale QorIQ SOCs
uio-seville 0.1 UIO driver for T1040 L2 Switch
usdpaa git User-Space Data-Path Acceleration Architecture Drivers
usdpaa-apps git User-Space Data-Path Acceleration Architecture Demo Applications
web-sysmon git Web System Monitor Files
xf86-video-fbdev 0.4.2 X.Org X server -- fbdev display driver
b4420qds B4420QDS in 32-bit mode
b4420qds-64b B4420QDS in 64-bit mode
b4860qds B4860QDS in 32-bit mode
b4860qds-64b B4860QDS in 64-bit mode
bsc9131rdb BSC9131RDB
bsc9132qds BSC9132QDS
c293pcie C293PCIE in 36-bit mode
p1010rdb P1010RDB
p1020rdb P1020RDB
p1021rdb P1021RDB
p1022ds P1022DS
p1023rdb P1023RDB
p1025twr P1025TWR
p2020rdb P2020RDB
p2041rdb P2041RDB
p3041ds P3041DS
p4080ds P4080DS
p5020ds P5020DS in 32-bit mode
p5020ds-64b P5020DS in 64-bit mode
p5040ds P5040DS in 32-bit mode
p5040ds-64b P5040DS in 64-bit mode
t1023rdb T1023RDB in 32-bit mode
t1023rdb-64b T1023RDB in 64-bit mode
t1024rdb T1024RDB in 32-bit mode
t1024rdb-64b T1024RDB in 64-bit mode
t1040d4rdb T1040D4RDB in 32-bit mode
t1040d4rdb-64b T1040D4RDB in 64-bit mode
t1042d4rdb T1042D4RDB in 32-bit mode
t1042d4rdb-64b T1042D4RDB in 64-bit mode
t2080qds T2080QDS in 32-bit mode
t2080qds-64b T2080QDS in 64-bit mode
t2080rdb T2080RDB in 32-bit mode
t2080rdb-64b T2080RDB in 64-bit mode
t4160qds T4160QDS in 32-bit mode
t4160qds-64b T4160QDS in 64-bit mode
t4240qds T4240QDS in 32-bit mode
t4240qds-64b T4240QDS in 64-bit mode
t4240rdb T4240RDB in 32-bit mode
t4240rdb-64b T4240RDB in 64-bit mode