Older handheld device support (Zaurus, iPAQ, etc.)

Setup information

Git repository

git://git.openembedded.org/meta-handheld web repo

Last commit: 4 years, 2 months ago (jethro branch)



The meta-handheld layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
acx-firmware 1.0 ACX (iPAQ HX4700/HTC Universal) wireless firmware.
encdec-updater 1.0 A tool to encode and decode the Sharp Zaurus updater.sh script
ipaq-boot-params 1.0 Kernel boot parameters for HH.org bootldr
kbdd 0.12+svnr8 User-space keyboard daemon for external keyboards
linux-gcw0 4.0 Linux kernel for the GCW Zero
linux-gcw0-kexecboot 4.0 GCW Zero kernel embedding a minimalistic kexecboot initramfs
linux-handheld 4.0 Linux kernel for handheld devices
linux-qi-ben-nanonote 3.12 Linux kernel 3.12 for the Ben Nanonote
nandlogical 1.1.0 Nandlogical for Sharp mtd1
tiinit 3.2.26 TI Bluetooth init bits.
zaurus-installer 1.0 Installkit for kexecboot-kernel
zaurus-legacy-tar 1.0 Legacy GNU-tar to unpack hd images on install for Zaurus spitz
zaurus-updater 1.0 Encrypted shellscript for the Zaurus ROM update
zaurusd 0.1+gitX Daemon to handle device-specific features
akita Sharp Zaurus SL-C1000 device
ben-nanonote Qi-Hardware's Ben Nanonote
c7x0 Sharp Zaurus SL-C700, Sharp Zaurus SL-C750, Sharp Zaurus SL-C760, Sharp Zaurus SL-C860 devices
collie SA1100 based Sharp Zaurus SL-5000 and SL-5500 devices
gcw0 Game Consoles Worldwide (GCW) Zero
h1940 HP iPAQ h1930 and h1940
h3600 Compaq iPAQ 36xx, Compaq iPAQ 37xx and Compaq iPAQ 38xx devices
hx4700 hx4700 iPAQ with a pxa27x CPU
poodle PXA250 based Sharp Zaurus SL-B500 and SHarp Zaurus SL-5600 devices
spitz Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000 device
tosa PXA255 based Sharp Zaurus SL-6000 device