Includes the Rust compiler and the Cargo package manager for Rust

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The meta-rust layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
aho-corasick-rs 0.2.1 Fast multiple substring searching with finite state machines.
cargo 0.9.0 Cargo downloads your Rust project's dependencies and builds your project
crypto-rs 0.2.31 A (mostly) pure-Rust implementation of various common cryptographic algorithms.
dbus-rs 0.1.0 DBus binding for rust
debug-builders-rs 0.1.0 A copy of libstd's debug builders for use before they stabilize
env-logger-rs 0.3.1 An logging implementation for `log` which is configured via an environment variable
getopts-rs 0.2.11 getopts-like option parsing
libc-rs 0.1.8 A Rust library with native bindings to the types and functions commonly found on various systems, including libc.
libgit2 git the Git linkable library
libgit2 0.23.4 the Git linkable library
libgit2 0.22.1 the Git linkable library
libudev-rs 0.1.2 FFI bindings to libudev
libudev-rs 0.1.0 FFI bindings to libudev
libudev-sys-rs 0.1.3 FFI bindings to libudev
libudev-sys-rs 0.1.1 FFI bindings to libudev
log-rs 0.3.1 A Rust library providing a lightweight logging facade
memchr-rs 0.1.3 Safe interface to memchr
rand-rs 0.3.8 Random number generators and other randomness functionality.
regex-rs 0.1.38 An implementation of regular expressions for Rust
regex-syntax-rs 0.1.38 A regular expression parser
rust 1.7.0 Rust compiler and runtime libaries
rust-cross-i586 1.7.0 Rust compiler and runtime libaries
rust-hello-world git Hello World by Cargo for Rust
rust-llvm 1.7.0 LLVM compiler framework (packaged with rust)
rust-source-1.7.0 1.7.0
rustc-serialize-rs 0.3.15 Generic serialization/deserialization support
rustfmt 0.4.0 Format Rust Code
rustlib 1.0 Rust runtime libaries
time-rs 0.1.26 Utilities for working with time-related functions in Rust
unix-socket-rs 0.4.3 Unix domain socket bindings for Rust