meta-morello provides the layer required to build the firmware and a Linux kernel for the Morello System Development Platform.

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The meta-morello layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
board-firmware morello-1.8 Board firmware for Morello
board-firmware-image 1.0 SDK Card Firmware Image
busybox-morello gitX CHERI enabled busybox
edk2-firmware morello-2.7 EDK2 to be compiled with LLVM Morello
fiptool-native 2.7 fiptool - Trusted Firmware tool for packaging
fvp-morello 0.11.34 Arm Fixed Virtual Platform - Morello%20Platform Ecosystem Reference Design
gdb morello-11.0 GNU debugger
gdb-cross-canadian-i686 morello-11.0 GNU debugger (cross-canadian gdb for i686 target)
gdb-cross-i686 morello-11.0 GNU debugger
linux-morello 6.7+gitX Morello Linux kernel fork
morello-initramfs-image 1.0 Small image with purecap dev environment and minimal bloat.
morello-initramfs-scripts 1.0 Morello initramfs
pure-cap-app 1.0 Simple capability application
rom-binaries 1.6 ROM binaries for Morello
scp-firmware morello-2.12.0+gitX SCP and MCP Firmware
trusted-firmware-a morello-2.9 TF-A to be compiled with LLVM Morello