ampliPHY is PHYTEC's integration and verification distribution based on Poky. We build our development kits and hardware development images using this layer. We also stage some of our upstream and customer projects work here. You might find some useful stuff. The layer is formerly known as meta-yogurt and got renamed after dunfell. Notable supported features are: - hw verification tools for fully functional CI testing - systemd/networkd/pspslash/weston/wayland setup - secure boot and secure provisioning for production - rauc remote A/B system update client integration - partup board factory flashing - docker/podman/container runtime

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The meta-ampliphy layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
arm-memspeed 1.0 Measures the available bandwidth on ARM based CPUs into the external RAM. It can help to check chipset and RAM timing settings. Note: it does not work on a different architecture than ARM and it needs at least an ARMv5 core!
bayer2rgb-neon 0.3+gitX bayer2rgb color conversion with ARM neon support
bvtest 0.2+gitX Camera test program from PHYTEC
cldemo 0.1 Simple OpenCL Demo Program
clinfo 0.1+gitX OpenCL Info Utility
es2gears 8.2.0 Modified es2gears (known as glxgears) for i.MX6 framebuffer
flashbench 0.1+X Tool for benchmarking and classifying flash memory drives
gengetopt 2.22.6 skeleton main.c generator
gst-plugin-i2c 1.0.0+gitX I2C GStreamer plug-in
gstreamer1.0-plugin-bayer2rgb-neon 0.3+gitX bayer2rgb gstreamer plugin with neon support
gstreamer1.0-plugin-vita1300-remapper 0.2+gitX Gstreamer pluging for VITA 1300 Sensor image data conversion
packagegroup-3g 1.0 3g tools used on Phytec boards
packagegroup-audio 1.0 Hardware development tools used on Phytec boards
packagegroup-benchmark 1.0 Benchmark tools used on Phytec boards
packagegroup-bluetooth 1.0 bluetooth tools used on Phytec boards
packagegroup-gstreamer 1.0 Userlandtools for gstreamer and cameras
packagegroup-hwtools 1.0 Hardware development tools used on Phytec boards
packagegroup-phpserver 1.0 Small and simple setup for a lighttpd server serving php over cgi
packagegroup-userland 1.0 Userland softwareservices found in all Phytec BSPs
packagegroup-wifi 1.0 Phytec wifi software
phytec-gstreamer-examples 2.4.4 Phytec Gstreamer examples
phytec-headless-image 1.0 Phytec's headless image
phytec-headless-image-sdk 1.0 Phytec's headless image
phytec-hwtest-image 1.0 Phytec's headless image
phytec-qt5demo-image 1.0 Phytec's headless image
phytec-qtdemo 0.5+gitX This is a demo software showing some Qt Features
phytec-v4l2-c-examples 0.4 Phytec video4linux2 examples
pmbw 0.6.2+gitX The tool pmbw is a set of assembler routines to measure the parallel memory (cache and RAM) bandwidth of modern multi-core machines.
qtfreevirtualkeyboard 1.0+gitrX Touchscreen driver for integrated mouse pointer in VirtualBox
systemd-machine-units 1.0 Machine specific systemd units
tuxracer 1.0+gitX This is a fork of extremetuxracer ( on cross-platform, performance & OpenGL-ES support.
vienna-cl 1.7.1 ViennaCL is a free open-source linear algebra library forcomputations on many-core architectures (GPUs, MIC) and multi-core CPUs.The library is written in C++ and supports CUDA, OpenCL, and OpenMP(including switches at runtime).
vita-1300-remapper 0.2+gitX VITA 1300 Sensor image data conversion