Additional TI SDK applications that are distro-agnostic

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The meta-arago-extras layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
am-sysinfo git AM SysInfo
amsdk-av-files 1.4 AMSDK multimedia support files
arm-benchmarks 1.3 ARM Benchmarks
av-examples 1.0 Linux Audio Video Example Applications
barcode-roi 01.00.00 Barcode demo to detect region of interest
bt-firmware R8.5+gitX Firmware files for Bluetooth
clacc TI OpenMP Accelerator Model
clocl TI OpenCL offline C compiler for compute devices
cpuloadgen 0.93 Utility to generate specified CPU Load
cpuset 1.5.7 Cpuset is a Python application to make using the cpusets facilities in the Linux kernel easier
crash-recovery 1.0 Initscripts for kdump recovery mechanism
demo-image-proc TI Image Processing Demo for KeyStone 2
doxygen Utilities for generating documentation from source code
dt 17.07 The Data Test Program (dt) is a generic data test program used to verify proper operation of peripherals, file systems, device drivers, or any data stream supported by the operating system.
eventdump 1.0+gitX Utility for parsing system events
external-linaro-toolchain-cross-i586 1.0 Stage provided unwind.h header being used by target gcc installation
extra-cmake-modules 1.5.0+gitrX
flash-utility Texas Instruments Flash Utility
glfw3 3.2 GLFW cross platform graphics framework
glsdk-example-apps 1.0 GLSDK example applications
glsdk-util-scripts 1.0 Utility scripts for debug
gst-plugins-ducati git GStreamer elements to use the multimedia accelerators available on some TI parts
gst-plugins-vpe git GStreamer elements to use the Video Processing Engine (VPE) found on some TI devices
gstreamer1.0 1.2.3 GStreamer 1.0 multimedia framework
gstreamer1.0-libav 1.2.3 Libav-based GStreamer 1.x plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad 1.2.3 Plugins for the GStreamer multimedia framework 1.x
gstreamer1.0-plugins-base 1.2.3 Plugins for the GStreamer multimedia framework 1.x
gstreamer1.0-plugins-dsp66 git GStreamer elements to use the TI DSP C66 in multimedia applications
gstreamer1.0-plugins-ducati git GStreamer elements to use the multimedia accelerators available on some TI parts
gstreamer1.0-plugins-good 1.2.3 Plugins for the GStreamer multimedia framework 1.x
gstreamer1.0-plugins-hevc git GStreamer plugin for ARM HEVC decoder
gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly 1.2.3 Plugins for the GStreamer multimedia framework 1.x
gstreamer1.0-plugins-vpe git GStreamer elements to use the Video Processing Engine (VPE) found on some TI devices
hevc-arm-decoder ARM HEVC Decoder with Unit Test Application
hostap-daemon-wl18xx R8.6-devel-ti+gitX User space daemon for extended IEEE 802.11 management
img-pvr-sdk 3.3.2 Imagination PowerVR SDK binaries/examples
input-utils 1.0 Utilities for the Linux input drivers
ipsecmgr IPSec Manager libraries
ipsecmgr-mod IPSec Manager kernel module
kexec-tools 2.0.12+2.0.13pre Kexec fast reboot tools
kms++ 1.0 C++ library for kernel mode setting
kmscube 1.0.0 Demo application to showcase 3D graphics on SGX using kms and gbm
libloki 0.1.7 Loki C++ Library
libnl-xfrm git Libnl extension for XFRM support
liboil 0.3.17 Library of simple functions optimized for various CPUs
ltp-ddt 20160510+gitX Embedded Linux Device Driver Tests based on Linux Test Project
makedumpfile 1.5.0 Make dump file utility
matrix-gui 2.0 Matrix GUI Application launcher
matrix-gui-3d-demos 2.0 3D demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-apps-images 2.0 Image package for Matrix GUI v2 Applications
matrix-gui-armbenchmarks-demos 2.0 Arm Benchmarks Applications for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-camera-loopback 2.0 Camera loopback application for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-clocks 2.0 Clock setting descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-crypto-demos 2.0 Cryptography demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-display-control 2.0 Display control descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-ethernet-demos 2.0 Ethernet example applications
matrix-gui-generic-pm 2.0 Power management helper scripts
matrix-gui-helper-scripts 1.0 Demo helper scripts for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-machinevision-demos 2.0 Machine vision demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-mc-demos 2.0 Keystone multi-core demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-multimedia-demos 2.0 Multimedia demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-opencl-demos 2.0 OpenCL demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-oprofile-demos 2.0 Oprofile demo applications for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-pm-demos 2.0 Power management demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-pru-demos 2.0 PRU demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-qt4-demos 2.0 Qt4 demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-qt5-demos 2.0 Qt5 demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-settings-demos 2.0 Settings demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-submenus 2.0 Submenu packages for Matrix GUI v2
matrix-gui-touch-demos 2.0 Touch demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-usb-demos 2.0 USB demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-utility-demos 2.0 Keystone utility app demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-v4l2-demos 2.0 V4l2 demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-video-analytics-demos 2.0 Video Analytics demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-wifi-demos 2.0 Wifi demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-lighttpd-config 1.0 Lighttpd config for Matrix
meta-toolchain-arago 1.0 Meta package for building a installable toolchain
meta-toolchain-arago-qte 1.0 Meta package for building a installable toolchain
nativesdk-packagegroup-arago-sdk-host 1.0 Host packages for a standalone Arago SDK or external toolchain
obexd 0.34 OBEX Server and Client
ocl-gl-headers git OpenGL headers required for OpenCL development
omapconf 1.73 Diagnostic tool for TI OMAP processors
omapdrmtest 1.0.0 Test applications for OMAP DRM interface
opencl TI OpenCL host runtime and development packages
opencl-examples TI OpenCL example applications
openmpacc TI OpenMP Accelerator Model
openmpacc-examples TI OpenMP Accelerator Model
openntpd 3.9p1 OpenNTPD is a FREE, easy to use implementation of the Network Time Protocol.
oppserver 1.0 OPP Server
oprofile-example git OProfile Example
packagegroup-arago-cross-canadian-qemux86 1.0 Host Arago SDK package for cross canadian toolchain
packagegroup-arago-qte-toolchain-target 1.0 Target packages for Qt Embedded SDK
packagegroup-arago-standalone-sdk-target 1.0 Target packages for the standalone SDK
pinmux-utility Texas Instruments Pinmux Utility
pinmux-utility 1.0.1076.3 Texas Instruments Pinmux Utility
point-cloud-viewer 2.0 Point cloud viewer
posix-smp-demo This recipe creates a posix-smp-demo binaries.
recovery-kernel 1.0 Recovery kernel building for Keystone EVM
screenshot 1.0 Screenshot
stream 5.10 Stream Benchmark
stress-ng 0.05.09 A tool to load and stress a computer system
switch-config 2.0 Ethernet Switch configuration management
thttpd 2.25b A simple, small, portable, fast, and secure HTTP server.
ti-crypto-examples git TI Cryptography Example Applications
ti-gc320-tests 5.0.11.p7 Test application for GC320 2D API
ti-llvm3.6 3.6 The Low Level Virtual Machine
ti-pru-sw-app-loader 1.00.00+svnX PRU sw application loader
ti-pru-sw-edma-library 1.00.00+svnX eDMA library for use by PRU sw example applications
ti-pru-sw-examples 1.00.00+svnX PRU sw example applications
ti-wifi-utils-wl18xx R8.6+gitX The calibrator and other useful utilities for TI wireless solution based on wl12xx driver
timestamping 4.1 Linux Kernel timestamping
ts-calibrate-init 1.0 TS calibration init script
ussp-push 0.11 OBEX object pusher
v4l-utils 1.10.1 v4l2 and IR applications
vtun 3.0.3 Virtual Tunnels over TCP/IP networks with traffic shaping, compression and encryption.
wilink-calibrate 1.0
wl18xx-firmware R8.6+gitX Firmware files for use with TI wl18xx
wl18xx-target-scripts R8.6+gitX Scripts and configuration files for TI wireless drivers
wlconf R8.6+gitX Configuration utility for TI wireless drivers
wpa-supplicant-wl18xx R8.6-devel-ti+gitX Client for Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)