Yocto layer for images and extra recipes for Gumstix products. This layer complements the meta-gumstix BSP layer.

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Git repository

https://github.com/gumstix/meta-gumstix-extras.git web repo

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Recipe name Version Description
caspa-streaming 1.0 Stream video from a Caspa camera to a networked host using gstreamer
e2eaudiotest 0.1 Audio Loopback Tool for Testing
gumstix-console-image 1.0 A basic console image for Gumstix boards.
gumstix-qt5-dev-image 1.0 A basic console image for Gumstix boards.
gumstix-test-image 1.0 A basic console image for Gumstix boards.
gumstix-xfce-image 1.0 A basic console image for Gumstix boards.
mavlink-socket 0.1.0 Expose MAVLink data from serial port over a UDP socket
omap3-isp-live 1.0 OMAP ISP Live Tool
omap3-writeprom 1.0 Writeprom script for omap3 boards with EEPROM on there expansionboard - see http://www.elinux.org/BeagleBoardPinMux#Vendor_and_Device_IDs
openocd 0.10+gitrX Free and Open On-Chip Debugging, In-System Programming and Boundary-Scan Testing
packagegroup-gumstix 1.0 Build extra packages for the package repository
picodlp-control 1.0 Small application to control the pico DLP over I2C
polkit-gnome 0.105 GNOME Authentication Agent for PolicyKit
raw2rgbpnm 1.0 Convert raw Bayer images to netpbm format
robovero 0.1 Python client library for Gumstix RoboVero
rtklib 2.4.2 RTKLib GPS real-time kinematic open-source software.
spidev-test 1.0 SPI Loopback Tool for Testing
uart-loop-test 1.0 UART Loopback Tool for Testing