The meta-aws layer provides mechanisms for building and installing off-cloud software to make it easier for you to build solutions for AWS on embedded hardware that you own and operate for yourself or your customers.

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Recipe name Version Description
amazon-cloudwatch-publisher 1.2.4 amazon cloudwatch publisher
amazon-kvs-producer-pic 1.1.0 Amazon Kinesis Video Streams PIC
amazon-kvs-producer-sdk-c 1.5.2 Amazon Kinesis Video Streams C Producer
amazon-kvs-producer-sdk-cpp 3.4.1 Amazon Kinesis Video Streams CPP Producer
amazon-kvs-webrtc-sdk 1.10.2 Amazon Kinesis Video Streams WebRTC
amazon-s3-gst-plugin git amazon s3 gst plugin
amazon-ssm-agent 3.3.484.0 Amazon SSM Agent
aws-c-auth 0.7.22 AWS C Auth
aws-c-cal 0.6.15 AWS C Cal
aws-c-common 0.9.23 AWS C Common
aws-c-compression 0.2.18 AWS C Compression
aws-c-event-stream 0.4.2 AWS C Event Stream
aws-c-http 0.8.2 AWS C HTTP
aws-c-io 0.14.9 AWS C IO
aws-c-iot 0.1.21 AWS C IoT
aws-c-mqtt 0.10.4 AWS C MQTT
aws-c-s3 0.5.10 AWS C S3
aws-c-sdkutils 0.1.16 AWS C SDKUTILS
aws-checksums 0.1.18 AWS Checksums
aws-cli 1.33.13 Universal Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services
aws-crt-cpp 0.26.12 AWS CRT CPP
aws-crt-python 0.20.12 AWS CRT Python
aws-iot-device-client 1.9.2 AWS IoT Device Client
aws-iot-device-sdk-cpp-v2 1.32.7 AWS IoT Device SDK for C++ v2
aws-iot-device-sdk-cpp-v2-samples-mqtt5-pubsub 1.0 AWS IoT Device SDK for C++ v2 samples
aws-iot-device-sdk-python-v2 1.21.5 AWS IoT Device SDK v2 for Python
aws-iot-fleetwise-edge 1.1.1 AWS IoT FleetWise Edge Agent
aws-lc 1.30.0 AWS libcrypto (AWS-LC)
aws-sdk-cpp 1.11.354 AWS C++ SDK
corretto-11-bin Amazon Corretto 11
corretto-17-bin Amazon Corretto 17
corretto-21-bin Amazon Corretto 21
corretto-8-bin 8.412.08.1 Amazon Corretto 8
firecracker-bin 1.3.3 firecracker - Binary Distribution
greengrass-bin 2.12.6 AWS IoT Greengrass Nucleus - Binary Distribution
greengrass-bin-demo 1.0 greengrass-bin demo
jailer-bin 1.3.3 jailer - Binary Distribution
python3-boto3 1.34.131 Python Boto3
python3-botocore 1.34.131 python3 botocore
python3-s3transfer 0.10.1 python3 s3 transfer
python3-timeloop 1.0.2 Timeloop
python3-urllib3-1.x 1.26.19 Python HTTP library
s2n 1.4.16 s2n
aws-ec2-arm64 AWS arm 64 processer ec2 type
aws-ec2-x86-64 AWS x86-64 processer ec2 type
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