BugLabs middleware and specific OSGi components

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The meta-buglabs layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
bug-avahi 1.0 BUG Avahi Profile
bug-logrotate 0.1 Logrotate rules for BUG
bug-reboot-icon 1.0 A desktop icon for system reboot.
bug-shutdown-icon 1.0 A desktop icon for system shutdown.
bug-suspend-icon 1.0 A desktop icon for system suspend.
bug-udev 0.1 UDEV Rules for BUG
bug2v4l2 git Video 4 Linux 2 Tools for Bug 2.0
dauber-feed-configs 1.0 Configuration files for online package repositories aka feeds
repo-feed-configs 1.0 Configuration files for public online package repositories aka feeds.
sprinkles 1.0 Sprinkle functional elements in Java programs.
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