Early work on CShore Embedded Distribution (OE/Yocto + most likely OpenWrt/LEDE network stack and LuCI-based UI) which is intended primarily for quite small targets (e.g. 16MB flash/256 MB RAM is considered large) with read-only-rootfs but still having volatile and persistent storage intended for use as routers or network appliances. At the moment it's been brought up on qemux86-64 to console-based mutli-user, and similarly on the Raspberry Pi. Those targets are larger than the desired targets, but the snag with smaller targets is that their support mostly exists as OpenWrt/LEDE technical debt (i.e. not upstreamed) for things like ar71xx SoC, so currently emphasis is on the secondary goals of supporting router functionality with a factory reset (e.g. squashfs rootfs, with a default configuration that exists until you update the config on persistent storage). This project is deprecated as, except for earlyinit which may prove to remain useful, the original author has decided that using modern (albeit somewhat larger) technologies like systemd on modern hardware (since even for embedded devices the size isn't unacceptably large on new hardware) and avoiding spending time and effort on hardware that is irrelevant for most vendors and will be disappear by attrition sooner than the time to really get this approach to desired goal state. It's simply easier to pick a battle that involves forward motion than backward looking efforts.

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The meta-cshored layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
cshored-files-common 1.0 CShorED-common Files
ddclient 3.8.3 Dynamic DNS Update Client
packagegroup-cshored 1.0 CShore Embedded Distribution Packages
packagegroup-cshored-tiny-core 1.0 Merge machine and distro options to create a basic machine task/package
usbutils 007 Host side USB console utilities
cshored CShorED (CShore Embedded Distribution)