meta-cube provides the distro-agnostic portions of the OverC runtime.

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The meta-cube layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
c3-app-container 1.0 Application container for ${C3_APP_CONTAINER_APP}
c3-systemd-container 1.0 Systemd system container for ${C3_SYSTEMD_CONTAINER_APP}
container-shutdown-notifier 1.0 Container Shutdown Notification
containers-image v0.1+gitX Work with containers' images
containers-storage v0.1+gitX provide methods for storing filesystem layers, container images, and containers
crypto git A golang library of common cryptographic constants
cube-builder 0.3 An image creating a file system for a build server itself
cube-builder-initramfs 1.0 Small image capable of booting a device. The kernel includes the Minimal RAM-based Initial Root Filesystem (initramfs), which finds the first 'init' program more efficiently.
cube-cmd-server 1.0 CUBE Command Server
cube-desktop 0.2 A container image for domain E which is used as a graphical interface for users
cube-dom0 0.6 A container image for domain 0 which is used for container control
cube-essential 0.3 A minimal native host image for OverC
cube-graphical-builder 0.2 An image creating a file system for a build server itself
cube-install 1.0 An image which can be used to run the cube installer scripts.
cube-k8s-compute 1.0 A container image for kubernetes worker node.
cube-server 0.2 A container image for domain server which is used as a headless, full development server
cube-update 1.0 Service to update packages automatically
cube-vrf 0.1 System Virtual Routing & Forwarding (VRF) container
dom0-init 1.0 dom0 / minimal initialization service
dtach git Emulation of detach feature of screen
essential-init 1.0 Essential / minimal initialization service
etcd 3.3.9+gitX A distributed key-value store for shared config and service discovery
go-check v0.1+gitX Rich testing for the Go language
go-cheggaaa-pb.v1 v1.0.7+gitX Simple console progress bar
go-client-go v0.1+gitX Go client for Kubernetes.
go-connections 0.2.1+gitX Utility package to work with network connections
go-difflib v1.0.0+gitX Partial port of Python difflib package to Go
go-distribution 2.6.0+gitX The Docker toolset to pack, ship, store, and deliver content
go-glog v0.1+gitX Leveled execution logs for Go
go-gpgme v0.1+gitX Go wrapper for the GPGME library
go-libtrust 0.0+gitX Primitives for identity and authorization
go-logrus 0.11.0+gitd26492970760ca5d33129d2d799e34be5c4782eb A golang registry for global request variables.
go-mergo v0.2.1+gitX Mergo: merging Go structs and maps since 2013
go-net git Go supplementary network libraries
go-spew v1.1+gitX A deep pretty printer for Go data structures to aid in debugging
go-tar-split v0.10.1+gitX Pristinely disassembling a tar archive, and stashing needed raw bytes and offsets to reassemble a validating original archive
go-testify v1.0+gitX A sacred extension to the standard go testing package
go-units v0.1+gitX Parse and print size and time units in human-readable format
go-urfave v1.17.0+gitX A simple, fast, and fun package for building command line apps in Go
go-uuid v0.1+gitX Automatically exported from
go-yaml v0.1+gitX A better way to marshal and unmarshal YAML in Golang
go-yaml.v2 v2.0+gitX YAML support for the Go language
go-zfs v0.1+gitX go wrappers for ZFS commands
initramfs-cube-builder 1.0 Basic init for initramfs to mount and pivot root
initramfs-tools 0.120 Tools for making and managing initramfs images
mutt 1.10.1 Mutt is a small but very powerful text-based MIME mail client. It is highly configurable, and is well-suited to the mail power user with advanced features like key bindings, keyboard macros, mail threading, regular expression searches, and a powerful pattern matching language for selecting groups of messages.
nanoio 0.1.0+gitX This project provides with the utilities and library basing on nanomsg
nanomsg 1.0.0+gitX nanomsg is a socket library that provides several common communication patterns.
ostree 2018.7+gitX Tool for managing bootable, immutable, versioned filesystem trees
overc-conftools 1.1 OverC configuration tools
overc-installer 1.0+gitX OverC installer script
overc-system-agent 1.2 OverC host update system
overc-utils 1.0 OverC support utilities
packagegroup-audio 1.0 All packages for audio support.
packagegroup-builder 1.0 Self-hosting builder
packagegroup-container 1.0 All packages for container host
packagegroup-dom0 1.0 Domain 0 facilities for OverC
packagegroup-essential 1.0 Native host packages for OverC
packagegroup-graphical-builder 1.0 All packages for a graphical builder
packagegroup-k8s 1.0 All packages for kubernetes compute node
packagegroup-networkmanager 1.0 All packages for Network Manager
packagegroup-service-discovery 1.0 Packages needed for a service discovery and resource management daemon
packagegroup-util-linux 1.0 util-linux Packages
packagegroup-vm-sep 1.0 Additional packages for VM OCI integration
packagegroup-xfce 1.0 All packages for full XFCE installation
packagegroup-xfce-desktop 1.0 All packages for full desktop installation
pflask git Light weight container runtime
rndmac 0.1 Service to allow randomizing the MAC address of an interface
screen-getty 0.1 Wrap gnu screen into a multi session getty
skopeo v0.1.24-dev+gitX Work with remote images registries - retrieving information, images, signing content
udocker git A basic user tool to execute simple docker containers in batch or interactive systems without root privileges
umoci v0.3.1-dev+gitX umoci modifies Open Container images
vrf-init 0.1 cube-vrf / minimal initialization service
wdt-tool 0.1 Allow scripts to interact with kernel watchdog service
wiggle 1.0 Wiggle is a program for applying patches that patch cannot apply because of conflicting changes.