Provides recipes to build zdoom ( as well as recipes to provided .wad files for some doom games

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The meta-doom layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
adventuresofsquare 2.1 A standalone first-person shooter using the ZDoom Engine
chexquest-galactic-conflict 1.2 ChexQuest Galactic Conflict
chexquest3 1.4 ChexQuest3
delaweare 1.0 A first person shooter in which the emphasis is put on visual and audio experiences
freedm 0.12.1 Free content first person shooter game (Multiplayer levels)
freedoom 0.12.1 Free content first person shooter game
gzdoom 4.11.3 Open Source Doom Engine
harmony 1.1 Harmony is a 3D Shooter based on Doom
lzdoom 3.88b Open Source Doom Engine
zdoom-autolaunch 1.0 ZDoom
zmusic 1.1.12 GZDoom Music Library