Dasharo Tools Suite (DTS) is a set of tools running in a minimal Linux environment, with a goal of deploying, updating and maintaining firmware on Dasharo supported devices.

Setup information

Git repository

https://github.com/Dasharo/meta-dts.git web repo

(actual branch main)


meta-dts-distro web subdirectory

Last commit: 1 week, 5 days ago (main branch)



The meta-dts-distro layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
3mdeb-secpack git A 3mdeb keyring used to verify releases created at 3mdeb
acpi-call-dkms git A kernel simple module that enables you to call ACPI methods by writing the method name followed by arguments to /proc/acpi/call.
bg-suite 2.7.0 Converged Security Suite's bg-suite
cbfstool git coreboot tools
cbmem git coreboot tools
cloudsend local Bash script that uses curl to send files and folders to a nextcloud / owncloud publicly shared folder.
dasharo-configuration-utility git Dasharo Configuration Utility (DCU)
dasharo-deploy 1.0 Dasharo Deploy Tools
dasharo-ectool 0.3.8.AUTOINC+411fab9b7c Dasharo EC tool
dasharo-hcl-report 1.0 Dasharo HCL Report
dts 1.0 Dasharo Tools Suite
dts-base-image 1.0 dts image
dts-base-sb-image 1.0 dts image
dts-tests 1.0
ectool git coreboot tools
flashrom git flashrom is a utility for identifying, reading, writing, verifying and erasing flash chips
futil git
fwupd 2.0.1 A simple daemon to allow session software to update firmware
fwupd-efi 1.2 EFI executable for fwupd
hidapi 1.4.1.AUTOINC+f39c5e17a5 Rust-y wrapper around hidapi
hw-probe 1.6.5 tool to probe for hardware, check operability and find drivers
ifdtool git coreboot tools
intelmetool git coreboot tools
intelp2m git coreboot tools
inteltool git coreboot tools
iotools 1.0+gitX The iotools package provides a set of simple command line tools which allow access to hardware device registers.
ipxe-commands local iPXE commands autostart on boot
me-cleaner 1.2+gitX Tool for partial deblobbing of Intel ME/TXE firmware images
mei-amt-check 1.0+gitX AMT status checker for Linux
msrtool git coreboot tools
nvramtool git coreboot tools
packagegroup-coreboot-utils 1.0 coreboot-utils packagegroup
packagegroup-dts 1.0 dts packagegroup
packagegroup-tpm-dts 1.0 dts TPM packagegroup
python3-binwalk 2.3.3+gitX Firmware analysis tool
python3-uefi-firmware 1.9 Various data structures and parsing tools for UEFI firmware.
sbctl 0.13 sbctl - a simple tool
superiotool git coreboot tools
touchpad-info 1.0 Touchpad info script
txt-suite 2.6.0 Converged Security Suite's txt-suite
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