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Recipe name Version Description
core-image-minimal-xenomai 1.0 Minimal root file system image with xenomai support
core-image-minimal-xenomai-device-driver-test 1.0 Minimal root file system image with xenomai support
core-image-qte-sdk 1.0
core-image-qte-xenomai-sdk 1.0
cramfs git Create or check cramfs image
elftosb 10.12.01 To make a MXS based board bootable, some tools are necessary. The first one is the \"elftosb\" tool distributed by Freescale Semiconductor. The other on is the \"mxsboot\" tool found in U-Boot source tree.
hello-mod 0.1 hello-world-mod tests the module.bbclass mechanism.
linux-eldk 3.10.28+gitX Linux Kernel
linux-xenomai 3.10-ipipe Linux Kernel
lttng-modules-ipipe 2.3.3 Linux Trace Toolkit KERNEL MODULE
meta-toolchain-xenomai-gmae 1.0
meta-toolchain-xenomai-qte 1.0
oprofileui-ipipe 0.0+gitX User Interface for the System-Wide Profiler
oprofileui-server-ipipe 0.0+gitX User Interface for the System-Wide Profiler
packagegroup-core-tools-profile-ipipe 1.0 Profiling tools
perf-ipipe 1.0 Performance analysis tools for Linux
sdma-firmware HEAD external sdma-firmware blob
systemtap-uprobes-ipipe 3.1 UProbes kernel module for SystemTap
u-boot v2014.01+gitX Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
u-boot-mkimage v2014.01+gitX U-boot bootloader mkimage and mxsboot tool
u-boot-src v2014.01+gitX
xenomai 2.6.3 Xenomai is a real-time development framework cooperating with the Linux kernel, in order to provide a pervasive, interface-agnostic, hard real-time support to user-space applications, seamle
xf86-input-tslib 0.0.6 X driver
xinput-calibrator 0.7.5 A generic touchscreen calibration program for X.Org
generic-armv4t armv4t based boards
generic-armv5te armv5te based boards
generic-armv6 armv6 based boards
generic-armv7a armv7a based boards
generic-armv7a-hf armv7a based boards
generic-mips MIPS based boards
generic-powerpc Generic PowerPC machine with FPU
generic-powerpc-4xx APM PPC4xx (with FPU) based boards
generic-powerpc-4xx-softfloat APM PPC4xx (without FPU) based boards
generic-powerpc-softfloat Generic PowerPC machine without FPU
m28evk DENX M28 SoM Evaluation Kit
m53evk DENX M53 SoM Evaluation Kit
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