This layer is not currently maintained - it is recommended that useful content be moved elsewhere. Please start a discussion on the mailing list if you'd like to help with this.

Layer from the IoT Reference OS Kit for Intel(r) Architecture for supporting flatpak.

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The meta-flatpak layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
bubblewrap 2016.8+gitX Helper binary for running applications sandboxed.
flatpak 0.9.7+gitX Versioned Application/Runtime Respository.
flatpak-image-runtime git A systemd service to set up a fake flatpak runtime for the image.
flatpak-predefined-repos 1.0 Repository/remo URLs and signing keys for pre-declared flatpak session/application repositories.
flatpak-utils 0.0 Helper utilities for flatpak-based applications/services.
gnupg1 1.4.21 GNU Privacy Guard - encryption and signing tools
ostree 2017.13+gitX Versioned Operating System Repository.
packagegroup-flatpak 1.0 IoT Reference OS Kit Basic Flatpak Support
packagegroup-flatpak-session 1.0 IoT Reference OS Kit Basic Flatpak Session/Application Support