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The meta-homeassistant layer depends upon:


The meta-homeassistant layer recommends:

Recipe name Version Description
container-homeassistant 1.0 A small container just capable of running Home Assistant
core-image-homeassistant 1.0 A small image just capable of running Home Assistant
core-image-homeassistant-full 1.0 A full featured image capable of running Home Assistant and has all available components installed
python3-acme 2.9.0 ACME protocol implementation in Python.
python3-aenum 3.1.15 Advanced Enumerations (compatible with Python's stdlib Enum), NamedTuples, and NamedConstants
python3-aiodhcpwatcher 1.0.0 Watch for DHCP packets with asyncio
python3-aiodiscover 2.1.0 Discover hosts by arp and ptr lookup
python3-aiogithubapi 22.10.1 Asynchronous Python client for the GitHub API
python3-aiohttp-cors 0.7.0 CORS support for aiohttp
python3-aiohttp-fast-url-dispatcher 0.3.0 A faster URL dispatcher for aiohttp
python3-aiohttp-isal 0.2.0 isal support for aiohttp
python3-aiohttp-session 2.12.0 sessions for aiohttp.web
python3-aiomcache 0.8.2 Minimal pure python memcached client
python3-aiooui 0.1.5 Async OUI lookups
python3-aiorun 2023.7.2 A "run" function for asyncio-based apps that does all the boilerplate.
python3-aioshelly 9.0.0 Python library to control Shelly
python3-anyio 3.6.2 High level asynchronous concurrency and networking framework that works on top of either trio or asyncio
python3-astral 2.2 Calculations for the position of the sun and moon
python3-async-interrupt 1.1.1 Context manager to raise an exception when a future is done
python3-async-upnp-client 0.38.3 Async UPnP Client for Python
python3-atomicwrites-homeassistant 1.4.1 Powerful Python library for atomic file writes. Fork from homeassistant
python3-axis 61 Python library enabling easy communication with Axis devices and its metadatastream
python3-backoff 2.2.1 Python library providing function decorators for configurable backoff and retry
python3-bleak-retry-connector 3.5.0 A connector for Bleak Clients that handles transient connection failures
python3-bluetooth-adapters 0.19.1 Tools to enumerate and find Bluetooth Adapters
python3-bluetooth-auto-recovery 1.4.2 Recover bluetooth adapters that are in an stuck state
python3-bluetooth-data-tools 1.19.0 Tools for converting bluetooth data and packets
python3-boto3 1.34.51 AWS SDK for Python
python3-botocore 1.34.51 Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3.
python3-btsocket 0.2.0 Python library to interact with the Bluez Bluetooth Management API communicating with the kernel using a so-called Bluetooth Management sockets
python3-cached-ipaddress 0.3.0 Cache construction of ipaddress objects
python3-ciso8601 2.3.1 Fast ISO8601 date time parser for Python written in C
python3-dacite 1.8.1 Simple creation of data classes from dictionaries.
python3-debugpy 1.8.1 An implementation of the Debug Adapter Protocol for Python
python3-deepmerge 1.1.0 Deepmerge: merging nested data structures
python3-envs 1.3 Easy access of environment variables from Python with support for typing (ex. booleans, strings, lists, tuples, integers, floats, and dicts). Now with CLI settings file converter.
python3-fnv-hash-fast 0.5.0 A fast version of fnv1a
python3-fnvhash 0.1.0 Pure Python FNV hash implementation
python3-fritzconnection 1.13.2 Python-Tool to communicate with the AVM Fritz!Box by the TR-064 protocol and the AHA-HTTP-Interface
python3-getmac 0.9.4 Platform-independent pure-Python module to get a MAC address
python3-gtts 2.2.4 Python library and CLI tool to interface with Google Translate's text-to-speech API
python3-ha-av 10.1.1 Pythonic bindings for FFmpeg's libraries.
python3-ha-ffmpeg 3.2.0 A library that handling with ffmpeg for home-assistant
python3-habluetooth 2.8.0 High availability Bluetooth
python3-hass-nabucasa 0.78.0 Issues related to the cloud integration in Nabu Casa
python3-hassil 1.6.1 Intent parsing for Home Assistant
python3-home-assistant-bluetooth 1.12.0 Basic bluetooth models used by Home Assistant.
python3-home-assistant-chip-clusters 2024.3.2 Matter (formerly Project CHIP) creates more connections between more objects, simplifying development for manufacturers and increasing compatibility for consumers, guided by the Connectivi
python3-home-assistant-frontend 20240501.0 Frontend for Home Assistant
python3-home-assistant-intents 2024.4.24 Intent parsing for Home Assistant
python3-homeassistant 2024.5.0 Open-source home automation platform running on Python 3
python3-isal 1.6.1 Faster zlib and gzip compatible compression and decompression by providing python bindings for the isa-l library.
python3-janus 1.0.0 Thread-safe asyncio-aware queue for Python
python3-josepy 1.13.0 JOSE protocol implementation in Python using cryptography.
python3-mac-vendor-lookup 0.1.12 This Python library provides an easy way to get vendor information from a MAC address
python3-mashumaro 3.10 Fast serialization library on top of dataclasses
python3-mutagen 1.47.0 Python module for handling audio metadata
python3-orjson 3.10.0 Fast, correct Python JSON library supporting dataclasses, datetimes, and numpy
python3-psutil-home-assistant 0.0.1 Wrapper of psutil that removes reliance on globals
python3-pycognito 2024.2.0 Python library for using AWS Cognito. With support for SRP.
python3-pycountry 23.12.11 A Python library to access ISO country, subdivision, language, currency and script definitions and their translations.
python3-pydantic 1.10.7 Data validation and settings management using Python type hinting
python3-pyfritzhome 0.6.11 Python Library to access AVM Fritz!Box homeautomation
python3-pyipp 0.15.0 Asynchronous Python client for Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)
python3-pyoctoprintapi 0.1.12 Octoprint API wrapper
python3-pyotp 2.8.0 Python One Time Password Library
python3-pyrfc3339 1.1 Python library for generating and parsing RFC 3339-compliant timestamps.
python3-pyric Python library to interact with the Bluez Bluetooth Management API communicating with the kernel using a so-called Bluetooth Management sockets
python3-python-didl-lite 1.4.0 DIDL-Lite (Digital Item Declaration Language) tools for Python
python3-python-jose-cryptography 3.2.0 A JOSE implementation in Python
python3-python-matter-server 5.10.0 Python server to interact with Matter
python3-python-memcached 1.62 Pure python memcached client
python3-python-slugify 8.0.4 A Python Slugify application that handles Unicode
python3-pyturbojpeg 1.7.1 A Python wrapper of libjpeg-turbo for decoding and encoding JPEG image.
python3-radios 0.3.1 Asynchronous Python client for the Radio Browser APIt
python3-s3transfer 0.10.0 An Amazon S3 Transfer Manager
python3-securetar 2024.2.1 Secure Tarfile library
python3-sniffio 1.3.0 Sniff out which async library your code is running under
python3-snitun 0.36.2 End-to-End encryption with SNI proxy on top of a TCP multiplexer.
python3-syrupy 4.6.1 Pytest Snapshot Test Utility
python3-text-unidecode 1.3 Text unidecode
python3-tzdata 2022.1 Provider of IANA time zone data
python3-uart-devices 0.1.0 UART Devices for Linux
python3-ulid-transform 0.9.0 Convert Voluptuous schemas to dictionaries so they can be serialized.
python3-unicode-rbnf 1.0.0 Rule-based number formatting using Unicode CLDR data
python3-usb-devices 0.4.5 Tools for mapping, describing, and resetting USB devices.
python3-voluptuous 0.13.1 Voluptuous is a Python data validation library
python3-voluptuous-serialize 2.6.0 Convert Voluptuous schemas to dictionaries so they can be serialized.
python3-webrtc-noise-gain 1.2.3+git0.32a122569ca3 Tiny wrapper around webrtc-audio-processing for noise suppression/auto gain only