The Linux IMA subsystem introduces hooks within the Linux kernel to support measuring the integrity of files that are loaded (including application code) before it is executed or mmap()ed to memory. The measured value (hash) is then registered in a log that can be consulted by administrators.

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The meta-integrity layer depends upon:


The meta-integrity layer recommends:

Recipe name Version Description
ima-evm-utils 1.5 IMA/EVM signing utility
ima-inspect 0.15 Tool to get a human-readable representation of IMA file attributes
ima-policy 0.1 The default external IMA policy
initrdscripts-ima 1.0 The initrd script for Linux Integrity Measurement Architecture (IMA)
packagegroup-ima 1.0 Linux Integrity Measurement Architecture (IMA) subsystem
packagegroup-ima-initramfs 1.0 Linux Integrity Measurement Architecture (IMA) subsystem for initramfs
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