This layer is no longer maintained - the contents have been moved to other layers (meta-oe, meta-python, meta-networking etc.) as appropriate.

This was the middleware layer for the Intel IoT developer kit. Here are middleware parts useful for the iot-devkit but not shipped as part of meta-oe or backports from newer versions of meta-oe which are not appropriate for meta-oe itself.

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The meta-intel-iot-middleware layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
libstrophe 0.8.7 Libstrophe
libwyliodrin 1.13 helper library for wyliodrin nodejs server
sshpass 1.05 Non-interactive ssh password auth
tempered 1.0 C library and program for reading the TEMPer family of thermometer and hygrometer devices
wyliodrin-server 1.2 Wylodrin is something...