Recipes for the Kodi mediacentre and addons.

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The meta-kodi layer depends upon:


The meta-kodi layer recommends:

Recipe name Version Description
bento4 1.6.0-639 Bento4 is a C++ class library and tools designed to read and write ISO-MP4 files.
dav1d 1.0.0 dav1d AV1 decoder
fstrcmp 0.7 The fstrcmp project provides a library that is used to make fuzzy comparisons of strings and byte arrays, including multi-byte character strings.
kodi 20.0-Nexus Kodi Media Center
kodi-addon-ardundzdf 4.5.3 Kodi-Addon-ARDundZDF.
kodi-addon-fluxfm 1.0.12 Kodi FluxFM Plugin.
kodi-addon-game-libretro 20.2.0 Libretro wrapper for Kodi's Game API.
kodi-addon-game-libretro-beetle-gba Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (Beetle GBA).
kodi-addon-game-libretro-beetle-pce-fast NEC - PC Engine / CD (Beetle PCE FAST).
kodi-addon-game-libretro-desmume Nintendo - DS (DeSmuME).
kodi-addon-game-libretro-dolphin Nintendo - GameCube / Wii (Dolphin).
kodi-addon-game-libretro-fbalpha2012 Arcade (FB Alpha 2012).
kodi-addon-game-libretro-flycast Sega - Dreamcast/NAOMI (Flycast).
kodi-addon-game-libretro-genplus-wide Sega - MS/GG/MD/CD (Genesis Plus GX Wide).
kodi-addon-game-libretro-mupen64plus-nx Nintendo - Nintendo 64 (Mupen64Plus-Next).
kodi-addon-game-libretro-ppsspp Sony - PlayStation Portable (PPSSPP).
kodi-addon-game-libretro-snes9x Nintendo - SNES / SFC (Snes9x - Current).
kodi-addon-game-libretro-uae Commodore - Amiga (PUAE).
kodi-addon-game-libretro-vice Commodore - C64 (VICE x64, fast).
kodi-addon-inputstream-adaptive 20.3.4 Kodi inputstream addon for several manifest types
kodi-addon-inputstream-ffmpegdirect 20.5.0 kodi inputstream addon for ffmpeg
kodi-addon-inputstream-rtmp 20.3.0 kodi inputstream addon for rtmp
kodi-addon-inputstreamhelper 0.5.10 Kodi inputstream addon for several manifest types
kodi-addon-kodi-six 0.13.1 Kodi six addon.
kodi-addon-netflix 1.19.1 Netflix Plugin for Kodi.
kodi-addon-peripheral-joystick 20.1.5 Kodi joystick support (drivers and button maps)
kodi-addon-pvr-hts 20.6.0 Kodi's Tvheadend HTSP client addon
kodi-addon-pvr-iptvsimple 20.6.0 This is the iptvsimple PVR client addon for Kodi.
kodi-addon-pvr-plutotv 20.3.0 This is the PVR client addon for Kodi.
kodi-addon-radio 3.0.9 Kodi-Addon-Radio.
kodi-addon-signals 0.0.6 Kodi signal addon.
kodi-addon-vfs-libarchive 20.2.0 VFS libarchive addon for Kodi.
kodi-addon-vfs-rar 20.1.0 VFS RAR addon for Kodi.
kodi-addon-visualization-goom 20.1.1-Nexus visualization.goom addon for Kodi
kodi-addon-xbmcswift 19.0.7 This is an automatically generated repository for the KODI distribution of xbmcswift2.
kodi-platform git Kodi platform support library
kodi-systemd-service 1.0 Kodi Media Center systemd service
kodi-tools-jsonschemabuilder 20.0-Nexus Kodi json schema builder
kodi-tools-texturepacker 20.0-Nexus Kodi texture packer
libbluray 1.3.1 ShiftMediaProject libbluray.
libdvdcss 1.4.3-Next-Nexus-Alpha2 libdvdcss is a simple library for accessing DVDs like block devices
libdvdnav 6.1.1-Next-Nexus-Alpha2-2 library for DVD navigation features
libdvdread 6.1.3-Next-Nexus-Alpha2 DVD access multimeda library
libnfs 5.0.2 NFS client library
libretro-common 1.0 Reusable coding blocks useful for libretro core and frontend development, written primarily in C. Permissively licensed.
libudfread git videlan libudfread.
mysql-connector-python 8.0.28 MySQL Connector/Python enables Python programs to access MySQL databases.
rcheevos 9.2.0 rcheevos is a set of C code that tries to make it easier for emulators to process RetroAchievements data.
shairplay git Free portable AirPlay server implementation similar to ShairPort.
vid.stab 1.1.0 Video stabilization library
x265 3.4 x265 HEVC Encoder