Some of the today's IoT gateways will be employing LoRa radio, and for such projects this is first need to use SX1301 chip with some GPS. lora_gateway library is actually a driver for SX1301 using SPI interface, no kernel module is needed, only usual SPI device from BSP should be active and a connected concentrator board. package_forwarder is a software which uplinks/downlinks RF messages though UDP connections. This layer was tested on raspberry pi3 with iC880A-SPI concentrator from iMST. More information about built software is found on:

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The meta-lora-net layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
lora-gateway 5.0.1 LoRa Gateway project
lora-pkt-fwd 4.0.1 LoRa network packet forwarder project