This layer is meant to support some of the FriendlyArm nanopi boards which are based on Rochchip64 SoCs. Currently only RK3328 boards are supported. Have in mind that there's already another layer for the nanopi-neo4 which is based on the RK3399, but this might merged here in the future.

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Recipe name Version Description
armbian-firmware git This recipe will Armbian firmware files in the image. This is a two step procedure. First the linux-firmware.git files are fetched and then the Armbian files are installed on top. WARNING 1: Be aware that this recipe is not compatible with the and also bitbake will not be able to extract license information about each firmware file. Therefore you need to do this by yourself! WARNING 2: This recipe will add to the image around 500MB more!!! If you need only specific firmware then create a custom recipe or bbappend this one
default-modules 1.0 This recipe adds the default modules for each machine that are suggested from the Armbian distro. Each MACHINE in conf/machine/ folder has the MODULES and MODULES_BLACKLIST param, which is used from this recipe. These modules are added in the /etc/modules file and /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-qemux86
linux-stable 5.7.17 Linux kernel
merge-files 1.0 Merge prebuilt/extra files into rootfs
rk-console-image 1.0 Rockchip console image
rkbin-tools 1.0.0+gitX Rockchip binary loader
rkbin-tools-native 1.0 Rockchip binary tools
u-boot v2020.07+gitX Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
u-boot-fw-utils v2020.07+gitX Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
udev-automount 0.1 udev rule for automount devices
udev-python-gpio 1.0 udev rule for Python and gpio permissions in sysfs
usbreset 1.0 Program for reseting USB devices
nanopi-neo3 FriendlyARM NanoPi Neo3, based on the Rockchip RK3328 SoC
nanopi-r2s FriendlyARM NanoPi R2S, based on the Rockchip RK3328 SoC