Yocto layer to support the Parallella board from Adapteva.

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https://github.com/nathanrossi/meta-parallella.git web repo

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Recipe name Version Description
core-image-epiphany 1.0 An image that provides a complete build environment for working with the Epiphany co-processor
esdk 2016.3.1 Epiphany SDK
esdk 2014.11 Epiphany SDK
packagegroup-epiphany-buildessential 1.0 Essential Epiphany build dependencies
packagegroup-epiphany-tools 1.0 Epiphany tools
parallella-bitstream 1.0 Parallella Headless Bitstream
parallella-hdmi-bitstream 1.0 Parallella hdmi Bitstream
parallella Adapteva Parallella Board headless
parallella-hdmi Adapteva Parallella Board with hdmi support