Vector Fabrics' Pareon tool suite helps programmers to find potential parallelism (Pareon Profile) or software bugs (Pareon Verify) in their software. The Pareon tools work by instrumenting source code during compilation and then observing the behaviour at run-time. This is also called "dynamic analysis". By popular request, we created a meta-pareon layer to be used to instrument base libraries and applications in the platform that is built using bitbake.

Setup information

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Last commit: 8 years, 5 months ago (master branch)


  • Klaas van Gend (entire layer) email
  • Lessandro Mariano (entire layer) email


The meta-pareon layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
helloworld 1.0.0 Minimal Hello world!
helloworld-cpp 1.0.0 Minimal Hello world!
libpareon-profile vfs Pareon Profile shared library
libpareon-verify vfs Pareon Verify shared library
pareon-profile-cross vfs Wrapper script for the Pareon compiler
pareon-verify-cross vfs Wrapper script for the Pareon compiler