This layer provides the functionality to OpenEmbedded of building your own newlib toolchain for ARM Cortex M0+ processors and use it to create applications compatible with the Raspberry Pi Pico boards (RP2040 microcontroller).

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The meta-raspberrypi-baremetal layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
elf2uf2-native 1.0+gitX ELF2UF2 tool provided by the Pico SDK
pico-examples 1.0+gitX Raspberry Pi Pico SDK Examples
pico-sdk 1.0+gitX The Raspberry Pi Pico SDK (henceforth the SDK) provides the headers, libraries and build system necessary to write programs for the RP2040-based devices such as the Raspberry Pi Pico in C, C++ or asse
pioasm-native 1.0+gitX Pioasm tool provided by the Pico SDK