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The meta-ros layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
actionlib 1.11.9 The actionlib stack provides a standardized interface for interfacing with preemptable tasks.
actionlib-msgs 1.11.9 actionlib_msgs defines the common messages to interact with an action server and an action client.
actionlib-tutorials 0.1.10 The actionlib_tutorials package
amcl 1.12.13 amcl is a probabilistic localization system for a robot moving in 2D.
angles 1.9.11 This package provides a set of simple math utilities to work with angles.
ar-track-alvar 0.6.1 This package is a ROS wrapper for Alvar, an open source AR tag tracking library.
ar-track-alvar-msgs 0.5.1 This package is a ROS wrapper for Alvar, an open source AR tag tracking library.
assimp 3.3.1 Open Asset Import Library
audio-common-msgs 0.2.12 Messages for transmitting audio via ROS
base-local-planner 1.12.13 This package provides implementations of the Trajectory Rollout and Dynamic Window approaches to local robot navigation on a plane.
bfl 0.7.0-6 This package contains a recent version of the Bayesian Filtering Library (BFL), distributed by the Orocos Project.
bond 1.7.19 A bond allows two processes, A and B, to know when the other has terminated, either cleanly or by crashing. The bond remains connected until it is either broken explicitly or until a heartbeat times out.
bondcpp 1.7.19 C++ implementation of bond, a mechanism for checking when another process has terminated.
bondpy 1.7.19 Python implementation of bond, a mechanism for checking when another process has terminated.
camera-calibration 1.12.20 camera_calibration allows easy calibration of monocular or stereo cameras using a checkerboard calibration target.
camera-calibration-parsers 1.11.12 camera_calibration_parsers contains routines for reading and writing camera calibration parameters.
camera-info-manager 1.11.12 This package provides a C++ interface for camera calibration information.
camera-info-manager-py 0.2.3 Python interface for camera calibration information.
capabilities 0.2.0 Package which implements capabilities
carrot-planner 1.12.13 This planner attempts to find a legal place to put a carrot for the robot to follow.
catkin 0.6.19 Low-level build system macros and infrastructure for ROS
catkin-runtime 0.6.19 Low-level build system macros and infrastructure for ROS
chatter-msgs 0.1.1 The chatter_msgs package
chatter-receiver 0.1.1 The chatter_receiver package
chatter-sender 0.1.1 The chatter_sender package
class-loader 0.3.6 The class_loader package is a ROS-independent package for loading plugins during runtime and the foundation of the higher level ROS "pluginlib" library. class_loader utilizes the host operating system's runtime loader to open runtime libraries (e.g. .so/.dll files), introspect the library for exported plugin classes, and allows users to instantiate objects of said exported classes without the explicit declaration (i.e. header file) for those classes.
clear-costmap-recovery 1.12.13 This package provides a recovery behavior for the navigation stack that attempts to clear space by reverting the costmaps used by the navigation stack to the static map outside of a given area.
cmake-modules 0.3.3 A common repository for CMake Modules which are not distributed with CMake but are commonly used by ROS packages.
collada-dom 2.4.0 The COLLADA Document Object Model (DOM) is an application programming interface (API) that provides a C++ object representation of a COLLADA XML instance document.
collada-parser 1.11.14 This package contains a C++ parser for the Collada robot description format.
collada-urdf 1.11.14 This package contains a tool to convert Unified Robot Description Format (URDF) documents into COLLAborative Design Activity (COLLADA) documents.
communication-tests 0.1.4 Tests for validating the real-time capabilities of the ROS publish subscribe communication mechanism
compressed-depth-image-transport 1.9.5 Compressed_depth_image_transport provides a plugin to image_transport for transparently sending depth images (raw, floating-point) using PNG compression.
compressed-image-transport 1.9.5 Compressed_image_transport provides a plugin to image_transport for transparently sending images encoded as JPEG or PNG.
concert-msgs 0.7.12 Shared communication types for the concert framework.
concert-service-msgs 0.7.12 Messages used by official rocon services.
concert-workflow-engine-msgs 0.7.12 Messages used by workflow engine
console-bridge 0.2.7 console_bridge is a ROS-independent, pure CMake package that provides logging calls that mirror those found in rosconsole, but for applications that are not necessarily using ROS.
control-msgs 1.3.1 control_msgs contains base messages and actions useful for controlling robots. It provides representations for controller setpoints and joint and cartesian trajectories.
control-toolbox 1.13.2 The control toolbox contains modules that are useful across all controllers.
controller-interface 0.9.4 Interface base class for controllers.
controller-manager 0.9.4 The controller manager.
controller-manager-msgs 0.9.4 Messages and services for the controller manager.
controller-manager-tests 0.9.4 Controller manager tests.
convex-decomposition 0.1.10 Convex Decomposition Tool for Robot Model
core-image-ros-roscore 1.0 A small image just capable of starting roscore.
core-image-ros-world 1.0 An image with packagegroup-ros-world installed
costmap-2d 1.12.13 This package provides an implementation of a 2D costmap that takes in sensor data from the world, builds a 2D or 3D occupancy grid of the data (depending on whether a voxel based implementation is used), and inflates costs in a 2D costmap based on the occupancy grid and a user specified inflation radius.
cpp-common 0.5.8 Low-level build system macros and infrastructure for ROS
cv-bridge 1.11.15 CvBridge converts between ROS Image messages and OpenCV images
cv-camera 0.1.0 cv_camera uses OpenCV capture object to capture camera image. This supports camera_image and nodelet.
cyclic-timer-tests 0.1.4 Tests for validating the real-time capabilities of the cyclic ROS timer function
depth-image-proc 1.12.20 Contains nodelets for processing depth images such as those produced by OpenNI camera.
depthimage-to-laserscan 1.0.7 Converts a depth image to a laser scan for use with navigation and localization.
diagnostic-aggregator 1.9.2 diagnostic_aggregator
diagnostic-analysis 1.9.2 The diagnostic_analysis package can convert a log of diagnostics data into a series of CSV files.
diagnostic-common-diagnostics 1.9.2 The diagnostic_analysis package can convert a log of diagnostics data into a series of CSV files.
diagnostic-msgs 1.11.9 This package holds the diagnostic messages which provide the standardized interface for the diagnostic and runtime monitoring systems in ROS.
diagnostic-updater 1.9.2 diagnostic_updater contains tools for easily updating diagnostics.
diff-drive-controller 0.9.4 Controller for a differential drive mobile base.
dwa-local-planner 1.12.13 This package provides an implementation of the Dynamic Window Approach to local robot navigation on a plane.
dynamic-reconfigure 1.5.48 This unary stack contains the dynamic_reconfigure package which provides a means to change node parameters at any time without having to restart the node.
ecl-build 0.61.6 Collection of cmake/make build tools primarily for ecl development itself
ecl-command-line 0.61.18 Embeds the TCLAP library inside the ecl. This is a very convenient command line parser in templatised c++.
ecl-concepts 0.61.18 Introduces a compile time concept checking mechanism that can be used most commonly to check for required functionality when passing template arguments.
ecl-config 0.61.6 These tools inspect and describe your system with macros, types and functions.
ecl-console 0.61.6 Color codes for ansii consoles.
ecl-containers 0.61.18 The containers included here are intended to extend the stl containers.
ecl-converters 0.61.18 Some fast/convenient type converters, mostly for char strings or strings.
ecl-converters-lite 0.61.6 These are a very simple version of some of the functions in ecl_converters suitable for firmware development.
ecl-core-apps 0.61.18 This includes a suite of programs demo'ing various aspects of the ecl_core.
ecl-devices 0.61.18 Provides an extensible and standardised framework for input-output devices.
ecl-eigen 0.61.18 This provides an Eigen implementation for ecl's linear algebra.
ecl-errors 0.61.6 This library provides lean and mean error mechanisms.
ecl-exceptions 0.61.18 Template based exceptions - these are simple and practical and avoid the proliferation of exception types.
ecl-filesystem 0.61.18 Cross platform filesystem utilities (until c++11 makes its way in).
ecl-formatters 0.61.18 The formatters here simply format various input types to a specified text format.
ecl-geometry 0.61.18 Any tools relating to mathematical geometry.
ecl-io 0.61.6 Most implementations (windows, posix, ...) have slightly different api for low level input-output functions.
ecl-ipc 0.61.18 This package provides an infrastructure to allow for developing cross platform c++ wrappers around the lower level c api's that handle these mechanisms.
ecl-license 0.61.6 Maintains the ecl licenses and also provides an install target for deploying licenses with the ecl libraries.
ecl-linear-algebra 0.61.18 Ecl frontend to a linear matrix package (currently eigen).
ecl-math 0.61.18 This package provides simple support to cmath, filling in holes or redefining in a c++ formulation where desirable.
ecl-mobile-robot 0.60.3 Contains transforms (e.g. differential drive inverse kinematics) for the various types of mobile robot platforms.
ecl-mpl 0.61.18 Metaprogramming tools move alot of runtime calculations to be shifted to compile time.
ecl-sigslots 0.61.18 Provides a signal/slot mechanism.
ecl-sigslots-lite 0.61.6 This avoids use of dynamic storage (malloc/new) and thread safety (mutexes) to provide a very simple sigslots implementation that can be used for *very* embedded development.
ecl-statistics 0.61.18 Common statistical structures and algorithms for control systems.
ecl-streams 0.61.18 These are lightweight text streaming classes that connect to standardised ecl type devices.
ecl-threads 0.61.18 This package provides the c++ extensions for a variety of threaded programming tools.
ecl-time 0.61.18 This package provides a means for handling different timing models.
ecl-time-lite 0.61.6 Provides a portable set of time functions that are especially useful for porting other code or being wrapped by higher level c++ classes.
ecl-type-traits 0.61.18 Extends c++ type traits and implements a few more to boot.
ecl-utilities 0.61.18 Includes various supporting tools and utilities for c++ programming.
effort-controllers 0.9.4 Controller to publish state of force-torque sensors.
eigen-conversions 1.11.9 Conversion functions between Eigen and KDL, and Eigen and geometry_msgs.
eigen-stl-containers 0.1.8 This package provides a set of typedef's that allow using Eigen datatypes in STL containers.
fake-localization 1.12.13 A ROS node that simply forwards odometry information.
fcl 0.3.2 FCL is a library for performing three types of proximity queries on a pair of geometric models composed of triangles and octrees.
festival 2.3 University of Edinburgh's Festival Speech Synthesis Systems is a free software multi-lingual speech synthesis workbench that runs on multiple-platforms offering black box text to speech, as well as an open architecture for research in speech synthesis. It designed as a component of large speech technology systems.
filters 1.7.5 This library provides a standardized interface for processing data as a sequence of filters.
force-torque-sensor-controller 0.9.4 Controller to publish state of force-torque sensors.
forward-command-controller 0.9.4 forward_command_controller.
freeglut 2.8.1 freeglut is a completely OpenSourced alternative to the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) library.
freenect-camera 0.4.1 A libfreenect based ROS driver for the Microsoft Kinect. This is a port of the OpenNI driver to use libfreenect.
freenect-launch 0.4.1 Launch files for freenect_camera to produce rectified, registered or disparity images. Also produce point clouds and registered point clouds. Based on the openni_launch package.
frontier-exploration 0.3.0 Frontier exploration implementation in ROS, accepts exploration goals via actionlib, sends movement commands to move_base
gateway-msgs 0.7.12 Messages used by the gateway model.
gencpp 0.5.5 C++ ROS message and service generators.
genlisp 0.4.15 Common-Lisp ROS message and service generators.
genmsg 0.5.8 Standalone Python library for generating ROS message and service data structures for various languages.
genpy 0.5.10 Python ROS message and service generators.
geometric-shapes 0.4.5 This package contains generic definitions of geometric shapes and bodies.
geometry-msgs 1.11.9 geometry_msgs provides messages for common geometric primitives such as points, vectors, and poses.
global-planner 1.12.13 A path planner library and node.
gmapping 1.3.8 This package contains a ROS wrapper for OpenSlam's Gmapping.
gripper-action-controller 0.9.4 The gripper_action_controller package
gscam 0.2.0 A ROS camera driver that uses gstreamer to connect to devices such as webcams.
hardware-interface 0.9.4 Hardware interface base class.
hector-mapping 0.3.5 hector_mapping is a SLAM approach that can be used without odometry as well as on platforms that exhibit roll/pitch motion (of the sensor, the platform or both).
household-objects-database-msgs 0.1.2 The household_objects_database_msgs package
image-geometry 1.11.15 `image_geometry` contains C++ and Python libraries for interpreting images geometrically.
image-proc 1.12.20 Single image rectification and color processing.
image-publisher 1.12.20 Node publishing an image stream from single image file or avi motion file.
image-rotate 1.12.20 Contains a node that rotates an image stream in a way that minimizes the angle between a vector in some arbitrary frame and a vector in the camera frame.
image-transport 1.11.12 image_transport should always be used to subscribe to and publish images.
image-view 1.12.20 A simple viewer for ROS image topics.
imu-processors 0.2.2 Processors for sensor_msgs::Imu data
imu-sensor-controller 0.9.4 Controller to publish state of IMU sensors
imu-transformer 0.2.2 Node/nodelet combination to transform sensor_msgs::Imu data from one frame into another.
industrial-msgs 0.4.3 The industrial message package containes industrial specific messages definitions
industrial-robot-client 0.4.3 Ccontains generic clients for connecting to industrial robot controllers with servers that adhere to the simple message protocol
industrial-robot-simulator 0.4.3 The industrial robot simulator is a stand in for industrial robot driver node(s)
industrial-trajectory-filters 0.4.3 ROS Industrial libraries/plugins for filtering trajectories
industrial-utils 0.4.3 Industrial utils is a library package that captures common funcitonality for the ROS-Industrial distribution
ivcon 0.1.5 Mesh Conversion Utility used to generate '.iv' files from '.stl' files.
joint-limits-interface 0.9.4 Interface for enforcing joint limits.
joint-state-controller 0.9.4 Controller to publish joint state
joint-state-publisher 1.11.14 This package contains a tool for setting and publishing joint state values for a given URDF.
joint-trajectory-controller 0.9.4 Controller for executing joint-space trajectories on a group of joints.
joy 1.11.0 ROS driver for a generic Linux joystick.
kdl-conversions 1.11.9 Conversion functions between KDL and geometry_msgs types.
kdl-parser 1.11.14 kdl_parser provides tools to construct a KDL tree from an XML robot representation in URDF.
kdl-parser-py 1.11.14 kdl_parser_py provides Python tools to construct a KDL tree from an XML robot representation in URDF.
kobuki-auto-docking 0.6.8 Automatic docking for Kobuki
kobuki-bumper2pc 0.6.8 Bumper/cliff to pointcloud nodelet
kobuki-capabilities 0.6.8 Kobuki's capabilities
kobuki-controller-tutorial 0.6.8 Code for the Kobuki controller tutorial.
kobuki-description 0.6.8 Description of the Kobuki model
kobuki-dock-drive 0.6.5 Dock driving library for Kobuki.
kobuki-driver 0.6.5 C++ driver library for Kobuki
kobuki-keyop 0.6.8 Keyboard teleoperation for Kobuki
kobuki-msgs 0.6.1 Kobuki message and service types: custom messages and services for Kobuki packages.
kobuki-node 0.6.8 ROS nodelet for Kobuki: ROS wrapper for the Kobuki driver
kobuki-random-walker 0.6.8 Random walker app for Kobuki
kobuki-rapps 0.6.8 Robot apps for Kobuki
kobuki-safety-controller 0.6.8 A controller ensuring the safe operation of Kobuki.
kobuki-testsuite 0.6.8 Kobuki test suite
laser-assembler 1.7.3 Provides nodes to assemble point clouds from either LaserScan or PointCloud messages
laser-filters 1.8.5 Assorted filters designed to operate on 2D planar laser scanners, which use the sensor_msgs/LaserScan type.
laser-geometry 1.6.4 This package contains a class for converting from a 2D laser scan as defined by sensor_msgs/LaserScan into a point cloud as defined by sensor_msgs/PointCloud or sensor_msgs/PointCloud2.
libccd 1.5.0 libccd is library for a collision detection between two convex shapes.
libflann 1.9.1 Fast Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbors
libfreenect 0.5.2 Drivers and libraries for the Xbox Kinect device
libmavconn 0.18.7 MAVLink communication library
log4cxx git Apache logging framework for C++ library
manipulation-msgs 0.2.1 The manipulation_msgs package
map-msgs 0.0.2 This package defines messages commonly used in mapping packages.
map-server 1.12.13 map_server provides the map_server ROS Node, which offers map data as a ROS Service.
mavlink git MAVLink message marshaling library
mavros 0.18.7 MAVROS -- MAVLink extendable communication node for ROS with proxy for Ground Control Station.
mavros-extras 0.18.7 Extra nodes and plugins for <a href="">MAVROS</a>
mavros-msgs 0.18.7 mavros_msgs defines messages for MAVROS
message-filters 1.11.21 A set of message filters which take in messages and may output those messages at a later time, based on the conditions that filter needs met.
message-generation 0.2.10 Package modeling the build-time dependencies for generating language bindings of messages.
message-runtime 0.4.12 Package modeling the run-time dependencies for language bindings of messages.
mk 1.11.14 A collection of .mk include files for building ROS architectural elements.
move-base 1.12.13 The move_base package provides an implementation of an action that, given a goal in the world, will attempt to reach it with a mobile base.
move-base-msgs 1.12.13 Holds the action description and relevant messages for the move_base package
move-slow-and-clear 1.12.13 move_slow_and_clear
moveit-core 0.7.12 Core libraries used by MoveIt!
moveit-kinematics 0.7.12 Package for all inverse kinematics solvers in MoveIt!
moveit-msgs 0.7.5 Messages, services and actions used by MoveIt
moveit-planners-ompl 0.7.12 MoveIt interface to OMPL
moveit-ros-manipulation 0.7.12 Components of MoveIt used for manipulation
moveit-ros-move-group 0.7.12 The move_group node for MoveIt
moveit-ros-perception 0.7.12 Components of MoveIt connecting to perception
moveit-ros-planning 0.7.12 Planning components of MoveIt that use ROS
moveit-simple-controller-manager 0.7.12 A generic, simple controller manager plugin for MoveIt.
nav-core 1.12.13 This package provides common interfaces for navigation specific robot actions.
nav-msgs 1.11.9 nav_msgs defines the common messages used to interact with the navigation stack.
navfn 1.12.13 navfn provides a fast interpolated navigation function that can be used to create plans for a mobile base.
nodelet 1.9.10 The nodelet package is designed to provide a way to run multiple algorithms in the same process with zero copy transport between algorithms. This package provides both the nodelet base class needed for implementing a nodelet, as well as the NodeletLoader class used for instantiating nodelets
nodelet-topic-tools 1.9.10 This package contains common nodelet tools such as a mux, demux and throttle.
nodelet-tutorial-math 0.1.10 nodelet_tutorial_math ROS package
object-recognition-msgs 0.4.1 Object_recognition_msgs contains the ROS message and the actionlib definition used in object_recognition_core
octomap 1.8.0 The OctoMap library implements a 3D occupancy grid mapping approach, providing data structures and mapping algorithms in C++.
octomap-msgs 0.3.3 This package provides messages and serializations / conversion for the OctoMap library.
octomap-ros 0.4.0 octomap_ros provides conversion functions between ROS / PCL and OctoMap's native types.
ompl 1.1.1 The Open Motion Planning Library (OMPL) consists of a set of sampling-based motion planning algorithms.
oneshot-timer-tests 0.1.4 Tests for validating the real-time capabilities of the ROS oneshot timer function
openslam-gmapping 0.1.1 ROS-ified version of gmapping SLAM.
orocos-kdl 1.3.0 Kinematics and Dynamics Library: Orocos project to supply RealTime usable kinematics and dynamics code, it contains code for rigid body kinematics calculations and representations for kinematic structures and their inverse and forward kinematic solvers.
packagegroup-ros-comm 1.0 ros-comm package group
packagegroup-ros-industrial-core 1.0 ros-industrial-core package group
packagegroup-ros-kobuki 1.0 ros-kobuki package group
packagegroup-ros-world 1.0 ros-world package group
pcl 1.8.0 The Point Cloud Library (or PCL) for point cloud processing.
pcl-conversions 0.2.1 Provides conversions from PCL data types and ROS message types
pcl-msgs 0.2.0 Package containing PCL (Point Cloud Library)-related ROS messages.
pcl-ros 1.2.7 PCL (Point Cloud Library) ROS interface stack
pluginlib 1.10.5 The pluginlib package provides tools for writing and dynamically loading plugins using the ROS build infrastructure.
pluginlib-tutorials 0.1.10 pluginlib_tutorials ROS package
pocketsphinx 0.8 This is PocketSphinx, one of Carnegie Mellon University's open source large vocabulary, speaker-independent continuous speech recognition engine.
polled-camera 1.11.12 polled_camera contains a service and C++ helper classes for implementing a polled camera driver node and requesting images from it.
position-controllers 0.9.4 position_controllers.
python-bson 0.4.3 Independent BSON codec for Python that doesn't depend on MongoDB
python-catkin-pkg 0.2.10 catkin package library
python-empy 3.3.2 A powerful and robust templating system for Python
python-future 0.16.0 Clean single-source support for Python 3 and 2
python-netifaces 0.10.5 Portable network interface information for Python
python-orocos-kdl 1.3.0 This package contains the python bindings PyKDL for the Kinematics and Dynamics Library (KDL), distributed by the Orocos Project.
python-pyyaml 3.11 YAML parser and emitter for Python
python-rosdep 0.11.5 rosdep package manager abstraction tool for ROS
python-rosdistro 0.4.7 ROS package library
python-rosinstall 0.7.8 The installer for ROS
python-rospkg 1.0.40 ROS package library
python-vcstools 0.1.39 VCS/SCM source control library for svn, git, hg, and bzr
python-wstool 0.1.13 workspace multi-SCM commands
python3-catkin-pkg 0.2.10 catkin package library
python3-empy 3.3.2 A powerful and robust templating system for Python
python3-future 0.16.0 Clean single-source support for Python 3 and 2
python3-netifaces 0.10.5 Portable network interface information for Python
python3-rosdep 0.11.5 rosdep package manager abstraction tool for ROS
python3-rosdistro 0.4.7 ROS package library
python3-rospkg 1.0.40 ROS package library
qhull 2012.1 library to compute convex hulls, Delaunay triangulations and Voronoi diagrams.
random-numbers 0.3.0 This library contains wrappers for generating floating point values, integers, quaternions using boost libraries.
razor-imu-9dof 1.1.1 Provides a ROS driver for the Sparkfun Razor IMU 9DOF. It also provides Arduino firmware that runs on the Razor board, and which must be installed on the Razor board for the system to work. A node which displays the attitude (roll, pitch and yaw) of the Razor board (or any IMU) is provided for testing.
realsense-camera 1.8.0 ROS driver for RealSense camera
realtime-tools 1.9.1 This package contains a set of tools that can be used from a hard realtime thread, without breaking the realtime behavior. The tools currently only provides the realtime publisher, which makes it possible to publish messages to a ROS topic from a realtime thread.
resource-retriever 1.11.8 This package retrieves data from url-format files such as http://, ftp://, package:// file://, etc., and loads the data into memory.
rgbd-launch 2.1.3 Launch files to open an RGBD device and load all nodelets to convert raw depth/RGB/IR streams to depth images, disparity images, and (registered) point clouds.
robot-pose-ekf 1.12.13 The Robot Pose EKF package is used to estimate the 3D pose of a robot, based on (partial) pose measurements coming from different sources. It uses an extended Kalman filter with a 6D model (3D position and 3D orientation) to combine measurements from wheel odometry, IMU sensor and visual odometry. The basic idea is to offer loosely coupled integration with different sensors, where sensor signals are received as ROS messages.
robot-state-publisher 1.11.2 This package allows you to publish the state of a robot to tf.
rocon-app-manager 0.7.13 The public interface and retaskable interface for a robot.
rocon-app-manager-msgs 0.7.12 Messages used by the platform app manager.
rocon-app-utilities 0.7.13 The rocon_app_utilities package
rocon-apps 0.7.13 Core rocon apps for use with the appmanager and rocon concert.
rocon-bubble-icons 0.1.23 Bubble icon library for rocon.
rocon-console 0.1.23 Command line python console utilities (mostly for colourisation).
rocon-device-msgs 0.7.12 Messages used by rocon devices
rocon-ebnf 0.1.23 Internal packaging of the 0.91 version of the simple python EBNF parser written by LParis.
rocon-gateway 0.7.10 A hub acts as a shared key-value store for multiple ros systems (primarily used by gateways).
rocon-gateway-tests 0.7.10 Testing programs for gateways.
rocon-gateway-utils 0.7.10 Utilities for gateway users (avoids large dependency requirements).
rocon-hub 0.7.10 A hub acts as a shared key-value store for multiple ros systems (primarily used by gateways).
rocon-hub-client 0.7.10 Client api for discovery and connection to rocon hubs.
rocon-icons 0.1.23 Icons for rocon
rocon-interaction-msgs 0.7.12 Messages used by rocon interactions
rocon-interactions 0.1.23 Interaction management for human interactive agents in the concert.
rocon-launch 0.1.23 A multi-roslaunch (for single and multi-master systems).
rocon-master-info 0.1.23 Publish master information - name, description, icon.
rocon-python-comms 0.1.23 Service pair libraries for pub/sub non-blocking services.
rocon-python-redis 0.1.23 Locally patched version of the python redis client (
rocon-python-utils 0.1.23 Python system and ros utilities.
rocon-python-wifi 0.1.23 Copy of the pythonwifi package re-packaged and distributed in rocon_tools for use in ROS
rocon-semantic-version 0.1.23 Internal packaging of the 2.2.2 version of the python semantic version module.
rocon-service-pair-msgs 0.7.12 Paired pubsubs generators for non-blocking services.
rocon-std-msgs 0.7.12 Standard messages used by other rocon specific package types.
rocon-test 0.7.10 Rocon test framework (i.e. multi-launch rostest framework).
rocon-tutorial-msgs 0.7.12 Messages used by rocon tutorials.
rocon-uri 0.1.23 Module for working with rocon uri strings.
ros-arduino-firmware git ROS Arduino Firmware
ros-arduino-msgs git ROS Arduino messages
ros-arduino-python git ROS Arduino Python
ros-pocketsphinx 0.3.0 This package is a simple wrapper around the pocketsphinx speech recognizer, using gstreamer and a Python-based interface.
rosapi 0.7.16 rosbridge provides a JSON interface to ROS, allowing any client to send JSON to publish or subscribe to ROS topics, call ROS services, and more
rosauth 0.1.7 Server Side tools for Authorization and Autentication of ROS Clients
rosbag 1.11.21 This is a set of tools for recording from and playing back to ROS topics. It is intended to be high performance and avoids deserialization and reserialization of the messages.
rosbag-storage 1.11.21 This is a set of tools for recording from and playing back ROS message without relying on the ROS client library.
rosbash 1.11.14 Assorted shell commands for using ros with bash.
rosboost-cfg 1.11.14 Contains scripts used by the rosboost-cfg tool for determining cflags/lflags/etc. of boost on your system
rosbridge-library 0.7.16 rosbridge provides a JSON interface to ROS, allowing any client to send JSON to publish or subscribe to ROS topics, call ROS services, and more
rosbridge-server 0.7.16 rosbridge provides a JSON interface to ROS, allowing any client to send JSON to publish or subscribe to ROS topics, call ROS services, and more
rosbridge-suite 0.7.16 rosbridge provides a JSON interface to ROS, allowing any client to send JSON to publish or subscribe to ROS topics, call ROS services, and more
rosbuild 1.11.14 rosbuild contains scripts for managing the CMake-based build system for ROS.
rosclean 1.11.14 rosclean: cleanup filesystem resources (e.g. log files)
rosconsole 1.11.21 ROS console output library.
rosconsole-bridge 0.4.4 Pipes console_bridge output to rosconsole/rosout when console_bridge is used in a ROS-dependent package
roscpp 1.11.21 roscpp is a C++ implementation of ROS. It provides a client library that enables C++ programmers to quickly interface with ROS Topics, Services, Parameters. roscpp is the most widely used ROS client library and is designed to be the high-performance library for ROS.
roscpp-serialization 0.5.8 roscpp-serialization contains the code for serialization.
roscpp-traits 0.5.8 roscpp-traits contains the message traits code.
roscpp-tutorials 0.5.5 This package contains step-by-step tutorials written in C++ for learning ROS.
roscreate 1.11.14 roscreate contains a tool that assists in the creation of ROS filesystem resources.
rosgraph 1.11.21 rosgraph contains the rosgraph command-line tool, which prints information about the ROS Computation Graph.
rosgraph-msgs 1.11.2 C++ ROS message and service generators.
roslang 1.11.14 roslang is a common package that all ROS client libraries depend on.
roslaunch 1.11.21 roslaunch is a tool for easily launching multiple ROS nodes locally and remotely via SSH, as well as setting parameters on the Parameter Server.
roslib 1.11.14 Base dependencies and support libraries for ROS.
roslint 0.10.0 CMake lint commands for ROS packages
roslz4 1.11.21 A Python and C++ implementation of the LZ4 streaming format.
rosmake 1.11.14 rosmake is a ros dependency aware build tool which can be used to build all dependencies in the correct order.
rosmaster 1.11.21 ROS Master implementation.
rosmsg 1.11.21 rosmsg contains two command-line tools: rosmsg and rossrv. rosmsg is a command-line tool for displaying information about ROS Message types. rossrv is a command-line tool for displaying information about ROS Service types.
rosnode 1.11.21 rosnode is a command-line tool for displaying debug information about ROS Nodes, including publications, subscriptions and connections.
rosout 1.11.21 System-wide logging mechanism for messages sent to the /rosout topic.
rospack 2.2.8 ROS Package Tool
rosparam 1.11.21 the rosparam command-line tool for getting and setting ROS Parameters on the Parameter Server using YAML-encoded files.
rospy 1.11.21 rospy is a pure Python client library for ROS. The rospy client API enables Python programmers to quickly interface with ROS Topics, Services, and Parameters.
rospy-tutorials 0.5.5 This package contains step-by-step tutorials written python for learning ROS
rosserial-arduino 0.6.4 Libraries and examples for ROSserial usage on Arduino/AVR Platforms.
rosserial-client 0.6.4 Generalized client side source for rosserial.
rosserial-embeddedlinux 0.6.4 Libraries and examples for ROSserial usage on Embedded Linux Enviroments
rosserial-msgs 0.6.4 Messages for automatic topic configuration using rosserial.
rosserial-python 0.6.4 A Python-based implementation of the ROS serial protocol.
rosserial-xbee 0.6.4 tools to do point to multipoint communication between rosserial nodes connected to an xbee.
rosservice 1.11.21 rosservice contains the rosservice command-line tool for listing and querying ROS Services.
rostest 1.11.21 Integration test suite based on roslaunch that is compatible with xUnit frameworks.
rostime 0.5.8 Time and Duration implementations for C++ libraries, including roscpp.
rostopic 1.11.21 rostopic contains the rostopic command-line tool for displaying debug information about ROS Topics, including publishers, subscribers, publishing rate, and ROS Messages.
rosunit 1.11.14 Unit-testing package for ROS. This is a lower-level library for rostest and handles unit tests, whereas rostest handles integration tests.
roswtf 1.11.21 roswtf is a tool for diagnosing issues with a running ROS system. Think of it as a FAQ implemented in code.
rotate-recovery 1.12.13 This package provides a recovery behavior for the navigation stack that attempts to clear space by performing a 360 degree rotation of the robot.
rt-tests-support 0.1.4 Tests for validating the real-time capabilities of the cyclic ROS timer function
scheduler-msgs 0.7.12 Messages used by the rocon scheduler.
sensor-msgs 1.11.9 This package defines messages for commonly used sensors, including cameras and scanning laser rangefinders.
shape-msgs 1.11.9 This package contains messages for defining shapes, such as simple solid object primitives (cube, sphere, etc), planes, and meshes.
simple-message 0.4.3 Defines a simple messaging connection and protocol for communicating with an industrial robot controller.
smach 2.0.1 SMACH is a task-level architecture for rapidly creating complex robot behavior.
smach-msgs 2.0.1 this package contains a set of messages that are used by the introspection interfaces for smach.
smach-ros 2.0.1 The smach_ros package contains extensions for the SMACH library to integrate it tightly with ROS.
smclib 1.7.19 The State Machine Compiler (SMC) from converts a language-independent description of a state machine into the source code to support that state machine. This package contains the libraries that a compiled state machine depends on, but it does not contain the compiler itself.
sophus 0.9.1 C++ implementation of Lie Groups using Eigen.
sound-play 0.2.12 sound_play provides a ROS node that translates commands on a ROS topic (<tt>robotsound</tt>) into sounds. The node supports built-in sounds, playing OGG/WAV files, and doing speech synthesis via festival. C++ and Python bindings allow this node to be used without understanding the details of the message format, allowing faster development and resilience to message format changes.
speech-tools 2.3 The Edinburgh Speech Tools Library
sphinxbase 0.8 This package contains the basic libraries shared by the CMU Sphinx trainer and all the Sphinx decoders (Sphinx-II, Sphinx-III, and PocketSphinx), as well as some common utilities for manipulating acoustic feature and audio files.
srdfdom 0.3.5 Parser for Semantic Robot Description Format
std-capabilities 0.1.0 Repository of standard capability interfaces.
std-msgs 0.5.10 Standard ROS Messages including common message types representing primitive data types and other basic message constructs, such as multiarrays. For common, generic robot-specific message types, please see common_msgs.
std-srvs 1.11.2 Common service definitions. Currently just the 'Empty' service.
stereo-image-proc 1.12.20 Stereo and single image rectification and disparity processing.
stereo-msgs 1.11.9 stereo_msgs contains messages specific to stereo processing, such as disparity images.
tf 1.11.9 tf is a package that lets the user keep track of multiple coordinate frames over time.
tf-conversions 1.11.9 This package contains a set of conversion functions to convert common tf datatypes (point, vector, pose, etc) into semantically identical datatypes used by other libraries.
tf2 0.5.16 tf2 is the second generation of the transform library, which lets the user keep track of multiple coordinate frames over time.
tf2-geometry-msgs 0.5.16 tf2_geometry_msgs
tf2-kdl 0.5.16 KDL binding for tf2
tf2-msgs 0.5.16 tf2_msgs
tf2-py 0.5.16 The tf2_py package
tf2-ros 0.5.16 This package contains the ROS bindings for the tf2 library, for both Python and C++.
tf2-sensor-msgs 0.5.16 Small lib to transform sensor_msgs with tf
tf2-tools 0.5.16 tf2_tools
theora-image-transport 1.9.5 Theora_image_transport provides a plugin to image_transport for transparently sending an image stream encoded with the Theora codec.
topic-tools 1.11.21 rostopic contains the rostopic command-line tool for displaying debug information about ROS Topics, including publishers, subscribers, publishing rate, and ROS Messages.
trajectory-msgs 1.11.9 This package defines messages for defining robot trajectories.
transmission-interface 0.9.4 Transmission Interface.
unique-id 1.0.5 ROS Python and C++ interfaces for universally unique identifiers.
urdf 1.11.14 This package contains a C++ parser for the Unified Robot Description Format (URDF)
urdf-parser-plugin 1.11.14 This package contains a C++ base class for URDF parsers
urdf-tutorial 0.3.0 This package contains a number of URDF tutorials.
urdfdom 0.3.0 The URDF (U-Robot Description Format) library provides core data structures and a simple XML parsers for populating the class data structures from an URDF file.
urdfdom-headers 0.3.0 The URDF (U-Robot Description Format) headers provides core data structure headers for URDF.
urdfdom-py 0.3.0 A python library to access URDFs using the DOM model.
uuid-msgs 1.0.5 ROS messages for universally unique identifiers.
velocity-controllers 0.9.4 velocity_controllers.
velodyne-driver 1.2.0 ROS device driver for Velodyne HDL-64E, and HDL-32 LIDARs.
velodyne-msgs 1.2.0 ROS message definitions for Velodyne 3D LIDARs.
velodyne-pointcloud 1.2.0 Point cloud conversions for Velodyne 3D LIDARs.
visualization-msgs 1.11.9 visualization_msgs is a set of messages used by higher level packages, such as rviz, that deal in visualization-specific data.
voxel-grid 1.12.13 voxel_grid provides an implementation of an efficient 3D voxel grid.
wxpython wxWidgets is a cross platform application framework utilizing native python.
wxwidgets 2.9.5 wxWidgets is a cross platform application framework utilizing native widgets.
xacro 1.9.5 Xacro is an XML macro language.
xmlrpcpp 1.11.21 XmlRpc++ is a C++ implementation of the XML-RPC protocol. This version is heavily modified from the package available on SourceForge in order to support roscpp's threading model. As such, we are maintaining our own fork.
xv-11-laser-driver 0.2.2 Neato XV-11 Laser Driver. This driver works with the laser when it is removed from the XV-11 Robot as opposed to reading scans from the Neato's USB port.
yaml-cpp 0.5.3 yaml-cpp is a YAML parser and emitter in C++ matching the YAML 1.2 spec
yocs-ar-marker-tracking 0.6.4 Collecting, tracking and generating statistics for ar markers from ar_track_alvar.
yocs-ar-pair-approach 0.6.4 Search and approach behaviour, moving to a target in front of a pair of ar markers.
yocs-ar-pair-tracking 0.6.4 The AR pair tracking package.
yocs-cmd-vel-mux 0.6.4 A multiplexer for command velocity inputs.
yocs-controllers 0.6.4 Library for various controller types and algorithms
yocs-diff-drive-pose-controller 0.6.4 A controller for driving a differential drive base to a pose goal or along a path specified by multiple poses.
yocs-joyop 0.6.4 Joystick teleoperation for your robot core
yocs-keyop 0.6.4 Keyboard teleoperation for your robot
yocs-localization-manager 0.6.4 Localization Manager helps to localize robot's position with annotated information
yocs-math-toolkit 0.6.4 Math toolkit for Yujin open control system.
yocs-msgs 0.6.3 Yujin's Open Control System messages, services and actions
yocs-navigator 0.6.4 Navigation module for robots
yocs-rapps 0.6.4 Yujin open control system rapps for use with the app manager and rocon concert
yocs-safety-controller 0.6.4 A controller ensuring the safe operation of your robot.
yocs-velocity-smoother 0.6.4 Bound incoming velocity messages according to robot velocity and acceleration limits.
yocs-virtual-sensor 0.6.4 Virtual sensor that uses semantic map information to see obstacles undetectable by robot sensors.
yocs-waypoint-provider 0.6.4 Parse a multiple poses from yaml and provide as topic and service.
yocs-waypoints-navi 0.6.4 Simple tool for waypoints navigation
zeroconf-avahi 0.2.3 Provides zeroconf services on avahi for ros systems.
zeroconf-avahi-demos 0.2.3 Several demos and launch-tests for the avahi based zero-configuration.
zeroconf-msgs 0.2.1 General ros communications used by the various zeroconf implementations.
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