ROS (Robot Operating System) support layer Common layer for ROS2 distributions

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The meta-ros2 layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
dynamic-trajectory-generator 1.0+gitX
fmilibrary 2.2.3 Extensible Modelica-based platform for optimization, simulation and analysis of complex dynamic systems.
foonathan-memory 0.6.2+gitX Library to work around various flaws in the C++ STL allocator model
google-benchmark 1.5.1+gitX A library to benchmark code snippets, similar to unit tests.
graphicsmagick 1.3.33 Swiss army knife of image processing
libdeflate 1.19 libdeflate is a library for fast, whole-buffer DEFLATE-based compression and decompression.
matio 1.5.26+gitX
nlopt 2.7.1+gitX Library for nonlinear optimization, wrapping many algorithms for global and local, constrained or unconstrained, optimization
openni2 OpenNI2 framework
openscenegraph 3.6.5+gitX
packagegroup-ros2-demos 1.0 ros2-demos package group
pid-controller 1.0+gitX
python3-black 23.12.1 The uncompromising code formatter.
python3-fiona 1.9.5 Fiona reads and writes spatial data files
python3-mock 4.0.1
python3-pydantic 2.5.3 Data validation using Python type hints
python3-pymap3d 3.0.1 pure-Python (Numpy optional) 3D coordinate conversions for geospace ecef enu eci
python3-rtree 1.1.0 R-Tree spatial index for Python GIS
python3-shapely 2.0.2 Manipulation and analysis of geometric objects
python3-unidiff 0.7.5 Unified diff parsing/metadata extraction library
python3-uvloop 0.19.0 Fast implementation of asyncio event loop on top of libuv
python3-virtualenv 1.11.4 Virtual Python Environment builder
simde 0.7.6+gitX
ros2 Robot Operating System 2 (ROS 2) with OpenEmbedded Linux