Remote testing environment is a hat designed for Orange Pi Zero board which runs specially crafted Linux distribution using the Yocto Project.

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The meta-rte layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
3mdeb-rtectrl 0.5.1 RTE controller
core-image-minimal-swu 1.0 Recipe generating SWU image for RTE
coreboot-utils 0.1+6794ce02d45273427c1c6675950c8468380c040a coreboot tools
cpu 1.0 cpu command in Go, inspired by the Plan 9 cpu command
flashrom 1.3.0 flashrom is a utility for identifying, reading, writing, verifying and erasing flash chips
gensio 2.2.4 A library to abstract stream I/O like serial port, TCP, telnet, etc 1.6.1 A powerful URL router and dispatcher for golang 0.5.4 2.9.1
imx-usb-loader 1.0+X USB & UART loader for i.MX5/6/7/8 series
packagegroup-rte 1.0 RTE support packagegroup
python3-asciinema 2.0.2 Terminal session recorder
python3-wakeonlan 1.2.0 A small python module for wake on lan.
sd-mux 0.0.2+gitX Control software for sd-mux devices.
ser2net 4.3.3 A serial to network proxy
stlink git stm32 discovery line linux programmer
swu-confirm 1.0 SWU confirm image
u-boot 2020.04 Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
udev-rules-rte 1.0 udev rules for RTE board
xcb-proto 1.13 XCB: The X protocol C binding headers
xorgproto 2019.2 X Window System unified protocol definitions