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The meta-shr layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
aceofpenguinsblacklisted 1.4 The Ace of Penguins is a set of Unix/X solitaire games based on the ones available for Windows(tm) but with a number of enhancements that my wife says make my versions better :-) The latest version includes clones of freecell, golf, mastermind, merlin, minesweeper, pegged, solitaire, taipei (with editor!), and thornq (by Martin Thornquist).
advancedcachingblacklisted Advanced Geocaching Tool for Linux - Towards paperless geocaching!
atd-over-fsoblacklisted 0.70 Lightweight At Daemon working on top of org.freesmartphone.otimed
atrackblacklisted 0.0.81+svnrX Embedded linux APRS tool
babiloo-eflblacklisted 2.0.9-bzrrX EFL Dictionary Viewer. It supports dictionaries in SDictionary and StarDict format.
babiloo-eflblacklisted 2.0.9-10 EFL Dictionary Viewer. It supports dictionaries in SDictionary and StarDict format.
chroneoblacklisted 1.0.2+svnrX A Stopwatch and Timer application
e-wm-config-illume2-shrblacklisted 1.2+gitrX illume2 SHR config
e-wm-menu-shr 1.2+gitrX illume SHR config
e-wm-sysactions-shr 1.2+gitrX illume SHR sysactions config
e-wm-theme-illume-gryblacklisted 0.4+gitrX gry* illume theme - a fast, shiny illume theme
e-wm-theme-illume-neoblacklisted 0.2+gitrX nEo illume theme - a very fast, high contrast illume theme
e-wm-theme-illume-niebieeblacklisted 0.2+gitrX Extremely blue Illume theme - Niebiee
e-wm-theme-illume-shrblacklisted 1.2+gitrX illume SHR theme
e-wm-theme-illume-sixteenblacklisted 0.2+gitrX illume SHR theme
e-wm-theme-sowkablacklisted 0.2+gitrX Sówka e-wm theme
ecalcblacklisted 0.0.4+gitrX A simple calculator which is elementary-themed
elementary-theme-gryblacklisted 0.9+gitrX gry* elementary theme - a fast, shiny elementary theme
elementary-theme-neoblacklisted 0.6+gitrX nEo elementary theme - a very fast, high contrast elementary theme
elementary-theme-niebieeblacklisted 0.2+gitrX Extremely blue elementary theme - Niebiee
elementary-theme-o2blacklisted 0.2+gitrX o2 theme for the elementary toolkit - it looks like om2007.2
elementary-theme-sixteenblacklisted 0.2+gitrX elementary SHR theme
elementary-theme-sowkablacklisted 0.2+gitrX Sówka elementary theme
emtooth2blacklisted 0.1+svnrX A bluetooth/bluez manager written in elementary for embedded systems. Second version written now in Vala
estardictblacklisted 0.7 EstarDict is a offline dictionary reader
ffalarmsblacklisted 0.4+gitrX Finger friendly alarms
ffphonelogblacklisted 0.1+gitrX Finger friendly phonelog
gpe-theme-neo 0.3+gitrX nEo GPE theme - a very fast, high contrast GPE theme
gtk-theme-clearlooks-gtkrcblacklisted 1.0 gtkrc u-a for clearlooks gtk theme
gtk-theme-e17lookalike 0.1.1+gitrX A gtk theme that looks like e17
gtk-theme-neo 0.3+gitrX nEo GTK theme - a very fast, high contrast GTK theme
guitartuneblacklisted 0.36+svnrX guitar tuner for openmoko phones
gwaterpasblacklisted 0.3 Gwaterpas
icon-theme-neoblacklisted 0.3+gitrX nEo icon theme - a high contrast icon theme which looks especially well when using all the other nEo themes
iliwiblacklisted Iliwi connects you to WiFi networks
intoneblacklisted 0.70+gitrX intone is a mplayer frontend for openmoko phones
jefliksblacklisted 0.0.3+gitrX This project is a try to write real tiny and fast XMPP/Jabber client for handheld devices, supported by Enlightment Foundation Library. It use Elementary widget toolkit and Iksemel library to make it possible.
libphone-uiblacklisted 0.0.1+gitrX A generic framework for phone ui
libphone-ui-config 0.0.2+gitrX Config files for generic phone ui framework
libphone-ui-shrblacklisted 0.0.1+gitrX SHR default module for the Phone UI daemon
libphone-utils 0.0.2+gitrX phone-utils library
libsensmonblacklisted 0.1+gitrX Library for easy-accessing the sensors supported by sensmon
libshr-glib 2011.03.08.2+gitrX GLib-based DBus bindings for
minneoblacklisted 1.0.2+svnrX A classic Memory game for mobile devices
mokoeightballblacklisted 0.2+svnrX Magic 8 Ball
mokojeweledblacklisted 0.1+gitrX A bejeweled clone in Elementary
mokomazeblacklisted 0.5.5+git8 Classic game where you control a steel ball by tilting a wooden labyrinth
neolightblacklisted 1.4.1+svnrX An application to turn your mobile device into a flashlight
neomisblacklisted 1.1.0+svnrX A computer version of the well-known electronic game named Simon
numberxblacklisted 1.0.0+svnrX NumberX is a mathematical puzzle game that will challenge your mental math abilities!
numptyphysics 0.2+svnrX Numpty Physics is a drawing puzzle game in the spirit (and style?) of Crayon Physics using the same excellent Box2D engine.
om-neonblacklisted 1.0.0+svnrX Simple image viewer
omextblacklisted 0.2 Openmoko extensionhandler
omhacksblacklisted 0.15.1+gitrX C library of useful functions to control OpenMoko hardware.
openmoko-gpsblacklisted 0.0.1+svnrX A tiny GPS output parser for the Openmoko platform.
openmoocow 0.0.3+gitrX OpenMooCow makes your phone (nearly) become a cow!
packagegroup-shrblacklisted 2.0 SHR Fat Image Feed
packagegroup-shr-feedblacklisted 1.0 SHR Feed
packagegroup-shr-minimalblacklisted 2.1 SHR Lite Image Feed
phonefsodblacklisted 0.0.0+gitrX SHR Phone FSO Daemon
phoneui-apps 0.0.0+gitrX The PhoneUI app starters
phoneui-shr-theme-neoblacklisted 0.1+gitrX nEo phoneui-shr theme - a very fast, high contrast phoneui-shr theme
phoneui-shr-theme-niebieeblacklisted 0.1+gitrX Extremely blue libphone-ui-shr theme - Niebiee
phoneui-shr-theme-o2blacklisted 0.1+gitrX o2 theme for libphone-ui-shr - it looks like om2007.2
phoneui-shr-theme-sowkablacklisted 0.1+gitrX Sówka libphone-ui-shr theme
phoneuidblacklisted 0.0.0+gitrX SHR Phone UI Daemon
pisiblacklisted 0.5.3 PISI is synchronizing information
podboyblacklisted 1.7.4+svnrX A podcast aggregator/player
python-phoneutils 0.0.2+gitrX Python Bindings for libphone-utils
rtmomblacklisted 0.1.3 Elementary based client for Remember the Milk written in Python.
sensmonblacklisted 0.21+gitrX Vala application for monitoring raw sensor values on the handheld
shr-e-gadgetsblacklisted 0.0.0+gitrX An e17 module for a lot of needed shr-gadgets
shr-image 2.0
shr-image-all 2.0
shr-installerblacklisted 0.0.2+gitrX EFL frontend for packagekit
shr-lite-image 2.0
shr-settingsblacklisted 0.1.1+gitrX Modular settings application for SHR based on python-elementary
shr-specs 2011.03.08.2+gitrX The SHR DBus API Specification
shr-splash 1.2+gitrX SHR splash screen
shr-splash-theme-dontpanic 1.2+gitrX SHR splash screen - DON'T PANIC theme
shr-splash-theme-handy 1.2+gitrX SHR splash screen - handy theme
shr-splash-theme-logo 0.1+gitrX SHR splash screen - SHR logo theme
shr-splash-theme-niebiee 1.2+gitrX SHR splash screen - extremely blue Niebiee theme
shr-splash-theme-openmoko 1.0+gitrX SHR splash screen - OM2009 theme
shr-splash-theme-simple 1.2+gitrX SHR splash screen - simple SHR theme
shr-splash-theme-tux 0.1+gitrX SHR splash screen - SHR Tux theme
shr-theme 0.0.2+gitrX Standard icon theme for the SHR distribution
shr-theme-efennihtblacklisted 0.0 efenniht shr theme - Efenniht was devised to be clean and neutral. Its name (which means equinox) comes from the chromatic duality that was decided at the very beginning, with a dark theme (black and orange) and a bright one (white and blue) to be developed so that more people feel comfortable using it. Efenniht uses few animations, discrete contrasts between shades of gray and fine lines (colored) that outline the selected elements.
shr-theme-gryblacklisted 0.1 gry* - a fast, shiny theme
shr-theme-neoblacklisted 0.2 nEo shr theme - a very fast, high contrast shr theme
shr-theme-niebieeblacklisted 0.1 Niebiee - extremely blue theme for SHR (metapackage)
shr-theme-o2blacklisted 0.1 o2 theme suit for shr - it looks like om2007.2
shr-theme-sixteenblacklisted 0.1 Sixteen SHR theme
shr-version not-SHR
shr-wizardblacklisted 0.0.0+gitrX An e17 module and a python app for the SHR first run wizard
spojeguiblacklisted 0.4.2+svnrX GUI for CLI program ( for searching public transport connections in Czech Republic.
thone 0.7 Terminal phone for OpenMoko/FSO
ubx-utils 0.0.0+gitrX Various Utilities for UBX GPS
vagalumeblacklisted 0.8.5 client
valacompassblacklisted 0.11+gitrX Compass written in vala that uses the hmc5843 compass and the lis302dl accelerometer