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The meta-smalltalk layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
grease 3.0+gitrX Grease compability layer
iliad Iliad webframework
libsigsegv 2.10 Handling page faults in user mode
lightning 2.0.6 Macro-Assembler for various backends
osmo-st-asn1 0.0.1+gitrX ASN1 Code to work on TCAP/MAP/Camel...
osmo-st-core 0.0.1+gitrX
osmo-st-gsm 0.0.1+gitrX GSM utilities based on osmo-network for SCCP,BSSAP,BSSMAP,GSM48
osmo-st-logging 0.0.2+gitrX A Smalltalk logging framework inspired by libosmocore's logging facilities
osmo-st-mgcp 0.0.1+gitrX This is a MGCP CallAgent written in Smalltalk
osmo-st-msc 0.0.1+gitrX This is a simple MSC done in Smalltalk
osmo-st-network 0.0.2+gitrX osmo-network a module for networking (SCCP, M3UA, IPA) protocol handling
osmo-st-sip 0.0.1+gitrX
osmo-st-testphone 0.0.1+gitrX A simple test phone to do a LU and place a call
petitparser 0.0.1+gitrX
petitparser-tests 0.0.1+gitrX
shampoo 0.0.1+gitrX Iliad webframework
smalltalk GNU Smalltalk.
smalltalk GNU Smalltalk.
smalltalk 3.2.4 GNU Smalltalk.
soapopera 0.0.1+gitrX