The Simple PCIe FMC Carrier (SPEC) is an FMC carrier that can hold one FMC card and an SFP connector. On the PCIe side it has a 4-lane interface, while the FMC mezzanine slot uses a low-pin count connector. This board is optimised for cost and is usable with most of the FMC cards designed within the OHR project (e.g. ADC cards, Fine Delay). The board is commercially available. This Yocto/OpenEmbedded layer provides support for both the SPEC Software and Getting Started projects, from gateware bitstreams, user-space tools, dynamic libraries and kernel modules. It can be used with both x86 and x86-64 target machines featuring one or more SPEC boards.

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The meta-spec layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
demo-dio 0.1 Bitstream for the SPEC user + dio demo in the Getting Started guide
demo-python 0.1 Python files for running the demos included in the Getting Started with the SPEC
demo-user 0.1 Bitstream for the SPEC user demo in the Getting Started guide
nic-bitstream 0.1 Provides wr_nic_dio.bin bitstream for wr-nic over spec
nic-wrc 0.1 Provides wr_nic_dio-wrc.bin LM32 soft processor firmware for wr-nic over spec
spec-image-minimal 1.0 Minimal image including full spec-sw and spec-getting-started support
spec-image-sato 1.0 Sato GUI image including full spec-sw and spec-getting-started support
spec-init 0.1 Provides spec_init.bin golden bitstream for default boot time FPGA configuration
spec-stress-test 0.1 Provides the FPGA bitstream for the SPEC stress-test design
spec-sw 0.1 Full spec-sw support, including user-space tools and spec,fmc,wr-nic kernel modules
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