Hardware support layer for the Baikal Electronics SoC based boards for TanoWrt Linux distribution. This layer contains demonstration support for a few boards based on Baikal Electronics SoC's.

Git repository

https://github.com/tano-systems/meta-tanowrt.git web repo


meta-tanowrt-hsl-baikal web subdirectory

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The meta-tanowrt-hsl-baikal layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
baikal-scp 1.1.0+gitX Baikal-M (BE-M1000) SCP communication driver
linux-tano-baikal 5.4.156 Linux kernel
mbm10 Baikal Electronics Baikal-M MBM 1.0 Board
mbm20 Baikal Electronics Baikal-M MBM 2.0 Board