This layer provides support for ARM based Toradex computer on modules (COM) common to all used SoCs for use with OpenEmbedded and/or Yocto. It is to be used together with meta-toradex-nxp and/or meta-toradex-tegra layers.

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The meta-toradex-bsp-common layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
alsa-ucm-conf-tdx 1.0 ALSA Use Case Manager configuration for Toradex Hardware
backports 5.4 Linux Backports
btnxpuartconf 1.0 Bluetooth NXP UART (btnxpuart) Configuration
device-tree-overlays-mainline master+gitX Toradex BSP device tree overlays
fs-init 1.0 Expand the rootfs to the full size of its partion
kernel-module-atemsys 1.3.08 Linux kernel driver allowing usermode access for EtherCAT Master Stack AT-EMA
linux-toradex-upstream mainline Toradex mainline Linux kernel
linux-toradex-upstream 6.6 Toradex mainline Linux kernel
linux-toradex-upstream-rt 6.6 Toradex mainline real-time Linux kernel
mwifiexconf 1.0 Marvell WiFi Extensions (mwifiex) Configuration
set-hostname 1.1
tdx-info 0.1.1 Script to get useful information about Toradex Hardware.
tezi-metadata 0.3 Toradex Easy Installer Metadata
u-boot-distro-boot 1.0 Boot script for launching images with U-Boot distro boot
u-boot-toradex mainline Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
u-boot-toradex 2022.07 Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
udev-toradex-rules 1.0 udev rules for Toradex SOCs
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