This layer provides support for UDOO i.mx6 family based platforms for use with OpenEmbedded and/or Yocto Freescale's BSP layers.

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The meta-udoo layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
bt-firmware git Firmware files for TI Bluetooth Chips
linux-seco 3.14.28 Seco kernel based on the FSL BSP Linux
linux-udooboard 3.14.56 Linux kernel for UDOO boards
m4-firmware v2.0rc1 Cortex M4 firmware files for UDOO Neo boards.
m4uploader 0.1.1+gitX Load an MQX binary to UDOO Neo M4 Core This application works as an uploader that loads compiled binaries into UDOO Neo DDR RAM and runs it. Also copy the last binary to /var/opt/m4 for next reboot.
resize-rootfs 1.0 Resize Rootfs systemd service
u-boot-seco 2016.01 Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
u-boot-udooboard git Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
udoo-image-full-cmdline 1.0 A console-only image with more full-featured Linux system functionality installed. Tailored for the UDOO boards
udoofota 0.1+gitX UDOO Firmware Over the Air Uploader -- Server A little client-server protocol written in C over TCP/IP to enable uploading via network for UDOO.
uim-sysfs 8.5 Shared Transport Line Discipline User Mode initialisation Manager Daemon
wl18xx-conf R8.6+gitX Configuration utility for TI wireless drivers
secosbca62 SECO A62 board
udooneo i.MX6 UDOO Neo SoloX
udooqdl i.MX6 UDOO Quad/Dual board