This is long abandoned, use either meta-luneui+meta-luneos or meta-webosose layers.

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The meta-webos layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
activitymanager 3.0.0-123 Open webOS component to manage all running activities.
adapterbase 0.2 A base class library for browser plugins loaded by Open webOS
alljoyn 3.4.6 AllSeen Alliance Open Source Project
alsa-plugins 1.0.26 ALSA Plugins
app-services 3.0.1-4 JavaScript services for apps
bootchart2 0.14.5+gitX Booting sequence and CPU,I/O usage monitor
browser-adapter 0.4 NPAPI browser plugin to isis-browser
browserserver 0.7.2 Web rendering daemon for the isis-browser
c-ares 1.10.0 c-ares is a C library that resolves names asynchronously.
cjson 1.8.0-35 Open webOS edition of the open-source json-c library
cmake-modules-webos-native 1.0.0~rc7-19 CMake modules used by webOS 0.21 Enyo 1.0 Browser application
configurator 3.0.0-59 Creates the database schema for Open webOS apps
core-apps 3.0.0-2 Core applications that are part of Open webOS
cpputest 3.5+gitX CppUTest is a C/C++ based unit xUnit test framework for unit testing.
cpushareholder-stub 2.0.1-2 Stubbed implementation of the webOS CPU shares scripts
cryptodev-linux 1.6 A /dev/crypto device driver
db 4.8.30 Berkeley DB v4.
db8 3.2.0-145 A userspace service that provides access to the Open webOS database
enyo-1.0 1.0-128.2 Enyo 1.0 JavaScript application framework
fbprogress 2.0.0-22 Utility for drawing progress to the frame buffer
filecache 2.0.0-63 Open webOS daemon to cache filesystem requests
foundation-frameworks 1.1-3 Loadable foundation frameworks for apps and services
glibcurl 0.7.3-5 Open webOS edition of the open-source glibcurl library
gptfdisk 0.8.10 Programs for creating and maintenance of GUID Partition Table
gtest 1.7.0 Google C++ Testing Framework
gtkmm-utils 0.4.1 C++ utility and widget library based on glibmm and gtkmm
hunspell 1.3.2 Hunspell spell checker and morphological analyzer
icecc-create-env-native 1.0.1 This is a modified version of the icecc-create-env script in order tomake it work with OE.
isis-fonts 0.1 Isis-fonts package from isis-project
jemalloc 0.20080828a-0webos9-12 Open webOS edition of the open-source FreeBSD memory allocation library
json-c 0.11 C bindings for apps which will manipulate JSON data
keyboard-efigs 3.0.0-2 Open webOS default virtual keyboard
leveldb 1.15.0 LevelDB is a fast key-value storage library that provides an ordered mapping from string keys to string values
leveldb-tl 0.1.1 LevelDB Template Library
libmtp 1.1.6 MTP Library
libnih 1.0.3 libnih library
libnsbmp 0.1.0 BMP Library
libpalmsocket 2.0.0-32 Palm Socket Library with SSL Support
libpbnjson 2.9.1-39 Palm's Better Native JSON library
librdx-stub 2.0.0-9 Stubbed version of the webOS Remote Diagnostics Library
librolegen 2.1.0-21 Library for dynamically generating webOS system bus role files for webOS JavaScript services
libsandbox 2.0.0-16 libsandbox is a collection of APIs for separating running programs
libsoup-2.4 2.40.3 An HTTP library implementation in C
loadable-frameworks 1.0.1-2 Loadable frameworks component for the core applications
luna-applauncher 4.0.0-2 Just Type application for Open webOS
luna-init 2.0.1-10 Initialization, setup, and font files used by luna-sysmgr and luna-sysservice
luna-prefs 2.0.0-7 Open webOS preferences manager
luna-service2 3.9.4-196 Open webOS Luna System Bus library, daemon, and utilities
luna-sysmgr 3.0.0-3 Open webOS System Manager
luna-sysmgr-common 3.0.0-3 Library containing common parts of luna-sysmgr and webappmanager
luna-sysmgr-ipc 2.0.0-2 Open webOS IPC library used by luna-sysmgr
luna-sysmgr-ipc-messages 2.0.0-1 Public headers for multiprocess support in LunaSysMgr
luna-sysservice 2.0.1-39 Provides image manipulation, preference, timezone and ringtone services for Open webOS components
luna-systemui 2.0.0-2 WebOS user interface support module
luna-universalsearchmgr 2.0.0-1 Open webOS Just Type daemon
luna-webkit-api 2.0.0-1 Public APIs for keyboard and field functionality in WebKit and LunaSysMgr
mojoloader 1.1-11 JavaScript loader for foundation frameworks and other loadable libraries
mojolocation-stub 2.0.0-2 Location stub service
mojomail-common 2.0.0-99 Common Email Service Library used by other email services
mojomail-imap 2.0.0-99 IMAP sync transport for Open webOS
mojomail-pop 2.0.0-99 POP3 email transport service for Open webOS
mojomail-smtp 2.0.0-99 SMTP transport service for sending emails
mojoservice-frameworks 1.1-3 Loadable frameworks for sync services
mojoservicelauncher 3.0.1-81 Open webOS component responsible for launching the node.js services
mtpfs 1.1 FUSE filesystem module to mount media player
node-gyp-native 0.12.2 Node.js native addon build tool
node-gyp-packages-native 0.12.2 Dependent packages and registry for node-gyp
nodejs 0.10.25 nodeJS Evented I/O for V8 JavaScript
nodejs-module-webos-dynaload 3.0.1-14 A module for nodejs that allows dynamic loading and execution of Javascript files
nodejs-module-webos-pmlog 3.0.1-18 A module for nodejs that allows Javascript access to the Open webOS logging system
nodejs-module-webos-sysbus 3.0.1-31 A module for nodejs that allows Javascript access to the Open webOS system bus
novacomd 2.0.0-124 NovaCOMd -- Daemon for NovaCOM (device and host)
npapi-headers 0.4 The header files used to develop NPAPI plugins and browsers
nyx-lib 6.1.0-70 Open webOS portability layer - library
nyx-modules 6.1.0-96 webOS portability layer - qemux86-specific modules
nyx-utils 1.1.2-17 Command line utilities for the Open webOS Platform Portability Layer
openssl 1.0.1h Secure Socket Layer
packagegroup-webos-extended 1.0 meta-webos components used in Open webOS
packagegroup-webos-internal 1.0 Internal components used in Open webOS
packagegroup-webos-temp 1.0 Temporary additions to Open webOS images
packagegroup-webos-test 1.0 Test components used in Open webOS
pmcertificatemgr 2.0.0-29 Provides certificate storage and wrapper API on openssl certificate manipulation functions
pmklogd 2.0.0-17 Kernel logging daemon
pmlogconf 2.0.0-16 Open webOS logging daemon configuration
pmlogctl 3.0.0-17 Open webOS logging control application
pmlogdaemon 3.0.0-123 Open webOS logging daemon
pmloglib 3.2.0-54 Open webOS logging library
pmloglib-private 3.0.2-49 Open webOS logging library - private interface
pmstatemachineengine 2.0.0-13 Open webOS library for implementing finite state machines
powerd 4.0.0-25 Power policy daemon
ptmalloc3 1.0 Multi-thread malloc implementation
python-cmd2 0.6.7 Extra features for standard library's cmd module
python-dbusmock 0.10.1 With this program/Python library you can easily create mock objects on D-Bus
python-mccabe 0.2.1 McCabe checker, plugin for flake8
python-mock 1.0.1 A Python Mocking and Patching Library for Testing
python-pep8 1.4.6 Python style guide checker
python-prettytable 0.7.2 Python library for displaying tabular data in a ASCII table format
python-pyflakes 0.7.3 passive checker of Python programs
python-pyparsing 2.0.1 Python parsing module
python-tz-native 2014.1 pytz brings the Olson tz database into Python
qmake-webos-native 4.8.3-4 Open webOS edition of the qmake makefile configurator from Qt4
qt4-webos 4.8.3-4 Open webOS edition of the Qt4 cross-platform application framework
rdx-utils-stub 2.0.0-1 Stubbed implementation of the webOS Remote Diagnostics Utilities
sdparm 1.08 The sdparm utility accesses SCSI device parameters
serviceinstaller 2.0.0-2 An extensible object oriented component used to add service components to webOS
sleepd 1.1.1-30 Sleep scheduling policy daemon
smartkey-hun 3.0.0-16 Implementation of the Open webOS SmartKey spell checking service using hunspell
sp-measure 1.3.5+gitX A library for measuring resource consumption (CPU, memory)
sp-memusage 1.3.2+gitX A collection of memory usage monitoring tools and scripts
sqlcipher 3.0.0 Open Source Full Database Encryption for SQLite
storaged 2.1.0-5 Mass Storage Mode Manager
tzcode-native 2014a tzcode, timezone zoneinfo utils -- zic, zdump, tzselect
tzdata 2014a Timezone data
uchardet 0.0.1 uchardet is a C language binding of the original C++ implementation of the universal charset detection library by Mozilla.
underscore 0.6.0-8 The underscore.js utility-belt library for JavaScript made into an Open webOS loadable framework
upstart 1.10 Event driven system init
upstart 0.3.11 Event driven system init
upstart-getty 1.0 tty configuration for upstart
uriparser 0.8.0 RFC 3986 compliant URI parsing library
valgrind 3.9.0 Valgrind memory debugger and instrumentation framework
vboxguestdrivers 4.3.8 VirtualBox Linux Guest Drivers
webappmanager 3.0.0-3 WebAppMgr is responsible for running Enyo applications on webOS
webkit-supplemental 0.5 WebKit supplemental features for Open webOS
webkit-webos 0.54 Open webOS edition of the WebKit web rendering engine
webos-connman-adapter 1.0.0-10 Open webOS component for managing network connections using connman
webos-image 1.0 Reference Open webOS image
webos-image-devel 1.0 Reference Open webOS image
webos-initscripts 2.0.0-123 Event-driven startup scripts for system services
webos-shutdownscripts 2.1.0-36 Open webOS shutdown scripts
xulrunner 3.6.27 XULRunner Open Source Project
yajl 1.0.12 Yet Another JSON Library - A Portable JSON parsing and serialization library in ANSI C