This layer provides support for Atmel | SMART microprocessors (aka AT91) It is the official layer built by Atmel employees and the AT91 community. For more information about the Atmel | SMART product line see: Linux & Open Source on Atmel | SMART: The official Linux4SAM demos are built with this meta-atmel Yocto Project layer.

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Recipe name Version Description
at91bootstrap 3.8+gitX Initial bootstrap for AT91 ARM MPUs
at91bootstrap 3.8.9 Initial bootstrap for AT91 ARM MPUs
atmel-demo-image 1.0 A generic image for network and communication.
atmel-qt-demo-init 1.1 Init script for qtdemo
atmel-qt4e-demo-image 1.0 An image that will launch into the demo application for the embedded (not based on X11) version of Qt.
atmel-xplained-demo-image 1.0 An image for network and communication.
atmel-xplained-lcd-demo-image 1.0 An image for boards with screen and resistive touchscreen.
devmem2 1.0 Simple program to read/write from/to any location in memory
fswebcam git Webcam image grabber and manipulation application.
g1-binaries 1.2 Hantro binaries
g1-binaries 1.1 Hantro binaries
g1-binaries 1.0 Hantro binaries
gstreamer1.0-plugins-hantro 1.2 Hantro plugins for GStreamer
gstreamer1.0-plugins-hantro 1.1 Hantro plugins for GStreamer
gstreamer1.0-plugins-hantro 1.0 Hantro plugins for GStreamer
libinput 1.7.3 Library to handle input devices in Wayland compositors
linux-at91 4.9+gitX Linux kernel for Atmel ARM SoCs (aka AT91)
linux-at91 4.4+gitX Linux kernel for Atmel ARM SoCs (aka AT91)
mchp-qt-demo-init 1.0 Init script for qtdemo
mchp-weston-init 1.0 Init script for weston
mtdev 1.1.5 Multitouch Protocol Translation Library
mxt-app 1.27+gitX Command line utility for maXTouch devices
sam-ba 2.16 Atmel SAM-BA In-system Programmer
u-boot-at91 v2017.03-at91+gitX U-Boot - the Universal Boot Loader
u-boot-at91 v2016.03-at91+gitX U-Boot - the Universal Boot Loader
wayland 1.13.0 Wayland, a protocol between a compositor and clients
wayland-protocols 1.9 Collection of additional Wayland protocols
weston 2.0.0 Weston, a Wayland compositor
weston-init 1.0 Startup script and systemd unit file for the Weston Wayland compositor
at91sam9m10g45ek Atmel's evaluation board
at91sam9rlek Atmel's evaluation board
at91sam9x5ek Atmel's evaluation board
at91sam9x5ek-sd Atmel's evaluation board
sama5d2-xplained Atmel's evaluation board
sama5d2-xplained-sd Atmel's evaluation board
sama5d27-som1-ek-sd Atmel/Microchip's evaluation board
sama5d3-xplained Atmel's evaluation board
sama5d3-xplained-sd Atmel's evaluation board
sama5d3xek Atmel's evaluation board
sama5d4-xplained Atmel's evaluation board
sama5d4-xplained-sd Atmel's evaluation board
sama5d4ek Atmel's evaluation board