This layer provides the Digi Embedded Yocto distribution images. This builds on top of the core functionality provided by meta-digi-arm by providing additional contents for one's rootfs. This includes modifications and additions to the core tools available on one's userspace image as well as providing several convenient images that one can build for digi targets (e.g. dey-image-minimal, dey-image-graphical).

Setup information

Git repository web repo


meta-digi-dey web subdirectory

Last commit: 4 years, 10 months ago (morty branch)


Recipe name Version Description
auto-serial-console 0.1 Auto Serial Console script
awsiotsdk-c 2.1.1 SDK for connecting to AWS IoT from a device using embedded C
awsiotsdk-demo git AWS IoT device SDK Demo
card-detect 1.0 DEY sound card detection app
cloudconnector git Digi's device cloud connector
confuse 3.0 Configuration file parser library
core-image-base-swu 1.0 Generate update package for SWUpdate
cryptoauthlib git Atmel CryptoAuthentication Library
dey-examples-adc 1.0 DEY examples: ADC test application
dey-examples-adc-cmp 1.0 DEY examples: Analog Comparator test application
dey-examples-alsa 1.0 DEY examples: ALSA API test application
dey-examples-bt 1.0 DEY examples: application to transfer data over bluetooth
dey-examples-btconfig 1.0 DEY examples: application to perform low level bluetooth
dey-examples-can 1.0 DEY examples: CAN bus test application
dey-examples-cloudconnector 1.0 DEY examples: Remote Manager test applications
dey-examples-cryptochip 1.0 DEY examples: Cryptochip example application
dey-examples-digiapix 1.0 DEY Digi APIX examples
dey-examples-gpio-sysfs 1.0 DEY examples: GPIO sysfs API test application
dey-examples-hdp 1.0 DEY examples: bluetooth health profile test application
dey-examples-opengles 1.0 DEY examples: OpenGL-ES test application (based on Freescale GPU SDK)
dey-examples-rtc 1.0 DEY examples: RTC test application
dey-examples-spidev 1.0 DEY examples: SPI device driver test application
dey-examples-tamper 1.0 DEY examples: Tamper test application
dey-examples-v4l2 1.0 DEY examples: V4L2 test application
dey-examples-vplay 1.0 DEY examples: OSS (open sound system) test application
dey-examples-watchdog 1.0 DEY examples: watchdog test application
dey-image-aws 1.0 DEY image including Amazon Web Services packages
dey-image-aws-swu 1.0 Generate update package for SWUpdate
dey-image-qt 1.0 DEY image with QT graphical libraries
dey-image-qt-swu 1.0 Generate update package for SWUpdate
dey-image-tiny 1.0 DEY busybox only based image.
dnsmasq 2.78 Lightweight, easy to configure DNS forwarder and DHCP server
fbtest 1.0 Digi's framebuffer test utility
greengrass 1.1.0 AWS IoT Greengrass core
greengrass 1.0.0 AWS IoT Greengrass core
imx-codec 4.2.1 Freescale Multimedia codec libs
imx-gpu-g2d 6.2.2.p0 GPU G2D library and apps for imx6
imx-gpu-viv 6.2.2.p0-aarch32 GPU driver and apps for imx
imx-parser 4.2.1 Freescale Multimedia parser libs
libdigiapix git Digi APIX library
libqmi 1.18.0 libqmi is a library for talking to WWAN devices by QMI protocol
libsoc git Library for interfacing with common SoC peripherals
mbedtls 2.1.1 An open source, portable, easy to use, readable and flexible SSL library
memwatch 1.0 Digi's memory access utility
microwindows 0.91 Microwindows Graphical Engine
modemmanager 1.7.0+gitX ModemManager is a daemon controlling broadband devices/connections
networkmanager 1.8.2 NetworkManager is a network management framework
packagegroup-dey-audio 1.0 Audio packagegroup for DEY image
packagegroup-dey-bluetooth 1.0 Bluetooth packagegroup for DEY image
packagegroup-dey-core 1.0 Core packagegroup for DEY image
packagegroup-dey-debug 1.0 Debug applications packagegroup for DEY image
packagegroup-dey-examples 1.0 DEY examples packagegroup
packagegroup-dey-gstreamer 1.0 Gstreamer framework packagegroup for DEY image
packagegroup-dey-network 1.0 Network applications packagegroup for DEY image
packagegroup-dey-qt 1.0 QT packagegroup for DEY image
packagegroup-dey-trustfence 1.0 DEY trustfence packagegroup
packagegroup-dey-wireless 1.0 Wireless packagegroup for DEY image
recovery-initramfs 1.0 Recovery initramfs files
recovery-utils 0.1 Recovery reboot utilities
sysinfo 1.0 Digi's system info utility
trustfence-initramfs 1.0 Trustfence initramfs required files
trustfence-tool 2.1 Trustfence command line tool
xf86-video-imxfb-vivante 6.2.2.p0 X driver