Software layer for video game system emulators (Snes9x, Stella, etc)

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The meta-game-emulators layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
advancemame 1.2 AdvanceMame Arcade emulator
core-image-emulators-base 1.0 A base image to compile emulators
core-image-emulators-full 1.0 An image with all videogame emulators enabled
core-image-graphics-tests 1.0 An image with audio, video and input test tools
guichan 0.8.2 Guichan is a C++ GUI library designed for games.
libsdl-gfx 2.0.25 SDL graphics drawing primitives and other support functions.
libsdl-tests 1.2.15 Simple DirectMedia Layer Test Applications
mame4all-pi 0.37 MAME emulator for Raspberry Pi
mednafen Command-line-driven multi-system emulator using OpenGL and SDL
pisnes 1.39 Multi-platform Super Nintendo emulator for the Raspberry Pi (based on SNES9X 1.39).
snes9x 1.53 Multi-platform Super Nintendo emulator
snes9x-rpi 1.39 Multi-platform Super Nintendo emulator (snes9x rewrite for Raspberry Pi Based on palerider's snes9x-rpi version)
snes9x-sdl 1.53 Multi-platform Super Nintendo emulator (SDL version)
stella 3.9.3 Multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator
uae4all2 0.8.22 A fast and optimized Amiga Emulator