Upstream Linux Amlogic Meson Yocto/Openembedded Layer Amlogic SoCs have now Mainline Linux support, this layer helps building images for these platforms.

Setup information

Git repository web repo

Last commit: 3 months ago (nanbield branch)



The meta-meson layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
alsa-board-conf 1.0
amlogic-boot-fip 1.0 Pre-Built Amlogic FIP Binaries distributed in U-Boot
amlogic-image-bootstrap 1.0 A initrd Image for Amlogic Meson SoCs to bootstrap system from USB
amlogic-image-headless-initrd 1.0 A initrd Image for Amlogic Meson SoCs to boot from network
amlogic-image-headless-sd 1.0 A SD/MMC Image for Amlogic Meson SoCs with embedded kernel on the filesystem
amlogic-image-sato 1.0 A X11 SD/MMC Image for Amlogic Meson SoCs with embedded kernel on the filesystem
linux-meson64 6.5.10+gitX Linux Kernel
linux-yocto-meson32 6.5.10+gitX Linux kernel
pyamlboot-script 1.0
s905-autoscript 1.0
s905-autoscript-multiboot 1.0
amediatech-x96-max legacy boot
amlogic-p200 Machine configuration
amlogic-p200-sdboot legacy boot
amlogic-p201 Machine configuration
amlogic-p201-sdboot legacy boot
amlogic-p212 Machine configuration
amlogic-p212-sdboot legacy boot
amlogic-p230 legacy boot
amlogic-p231 legacy boot
amlogic-p241 legacy boot
amlogic-p281 legacy boot
amlogic-q200 legacy boot
amlogic-q201 legacy boot
amlogic-s400 eMMC boot
amlogic-s805 generic S805 non-bootable image
amlogic-s905 S905 non-bootable image
amlogic-s905d S905D non-bootable image
amlogic-s905x S905X non-bootable image
amlogic-s912 S912 non-bootable image
amlogic-s9xxx S905/S905X/S905D/S805X/S912/AXG non-bootable image
amlogic-u200 legacy boot
bananapi-bpi-m2-pro Machine configuration
bananapi-bpi-m2s Machine configuration
bananapi-bpi-m5 Machine configuration
beelink-gt1-ultimate Machine configuration
cyx-a95xf3-air legacy boot
cyx-a95xf3-air-gbit legacy boot
friendlyelec-nanopik2 Machine configuration
haochuangy-h96-max legacy boot
hardkernel-odroid-go-ultra Machine configuration
hardkernel-odroid-n2l Machine configuration
hardkernel-odroidc1 legacy boot
hardkernel-odroidc2 Machine configuration
hardkernel-odroidc2-sdboot legacy boot
hardkernel-odroidc4 Machine configuration
hardkernel-odroidc4-sdboot legacy boot
hardkernel-odroidhc4 Machine configuration
hardkernel-odroidhc4-sdboot legacy boot
hardkernel-odroidn2 Machine configuration
hardkernel-odroidn2-sdboot legacy boot
hardkernel-odroidn2plus Machine configuration
hardkernel-odroidn2plus-sdboot legacy boot
hwacom-amazetv legacy boot
khadas-vim Machine configuration
khadas-vim-sdboot legacy boot
khadas-vim2 Machine configuration
khadas-vim3 Machine configuration
khadas-vim3-sdboot legacy boot
khadas-vim3l Machine configuration
khadas-vim3l-sdboot legacy boot
kingnovel-rbox-pro legacy boot
libretech-ac USB bootable image
libretech-cc Machine configuration
libretech-cc-sdboot legacy boot
mecool-kii-pro legacy boot
mecool-kiii-pro legacy boot
minix-neo-u9h legacy boot
nexbox-a1 legacy boot
nexbox-a95x-s905 legacy boot
nexbox-a95x-s905x legacy boot
oranth-tx3-mini legacy boot
osmc-vero4k-plus legacy boot
radxa-zero Machine configuration
seirobotics-sei510 Machine configuration
seirobotics-sei610 Machine configuration
tronsmart-vega-s95-meta legacy boot
tronsmart-vega-s95-pro legacy boot
tronsmart-vega-s95-telos legacy boot
tronsmart-vega-s96 legacy boot
wetek-hub legacy boot
wetek-play2 legacy boot