OTA Software updates using OSTree. This generates images that are atomically updated and supports incremental downloading changes. Includes an update client to fetch updates and report status to an update server.

Setup information

Git repository

https://github.com/uptane/meta-updater web repo

Last commit: 2 years, 11 months ago (pyro branch)



The meta-updater layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
aktualizr 1.0+gitX Aktualizr SOTA Client
aktualizr-auto-prov 1.0 Aktualizr configuration for autoprovisioning
aktualizr-hsm-prov 1.0 Aktualizr configuration with HSM support
aktualizr-implicit-prov 1.0 Aktualizr configuration for implicit provisioning
asn1c 0.9.28 ASN.1 to C compiler
big-update 2.0 Example Package with 12MB of random, seeded content
big-update 1.0 Example Package with 10MB of random, seeded content
initramfs-ostree-image 1.0 OSTree initramfs image
libgsystem git GIO-based library, targeted primarily for use by operating system components
libp11 0.4.7 Library for using PKCS
lshw 02.16 Hardware lister
ostree v2017.13 Tool for managing bootable, immutable, versioned filesystem trees
ostree-initrd 3 Extremely basic live image init script
python-canonicaljson 1.0.0 python-canonicaljson recipe
python-frozendict 1.2 python-frozendict recipe
python-petname 2.2 python-petname recipe
sc-hsm-embedded git Smartcard HSM driver
slcand-start 1.0 Mock smartcard for aktualizr
softhsm git HSM emulator
softhsm-testtoken 1.0 Mock smartcard for aktualizr
u-boot v2016.11+gitX Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices