Base layer of a BSP which provides router and voip telephony (asterisk) functionality. It is secured by SELinux

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The de-ensc-bpi-router layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
acl 2.2.53 Utilities for managing POSIX Access Control Lists
asterisk 17.1.0 Asterisk is an Open Source PBX and telephony toolkit.
asterisk 16.7.0 Asterisk is an Open Source PBX and telephony toolkit.
asterisk-sounds-de 2.11.19
attr 2.4.48 Utilities for manipulating filesystem extended attributes
bind-setup 1.0
bpi-router-setup 1.0
bpi-router-setup-local 1.0
bpi-server-setup 1.0
bpi-server-setup-local 1.0
bpir-policy 1.0
dhcp-setup 1.0
dhcpd-pd 1.0 DHCPv6 client implementing prefix delegation (RFC 3633)
host-builder 1.0
hwtest-image 1.0
iptables-builder 1.0 Builds iptable rulesets
libgsm 1.0.18 GSM Audio Library
linux-libc-headers 4.19+gitX Sanitized set of kernel headers for the C library's use
linux-mainline 4.19+gitX
pjproject 2.9
pjproject 2.8.0
ppp-notify 1.0
router-image 1.0
router-image-wic 1.0
server-image 1.0
server-image-wic 1.0
setup-helper 1.0
u-boot-bpi 2019.10+gitX
u-boot-bpi 2019.07+gitX
u-boot-bpi 2019.04+gitX
u-boot-mkimage 2019.10+gitX
u-boot-mkimage 2019.07+gitX
u-boot-mkimage 2019.04+gitX
unbound 1.8.1 Unbound is a validating, recursive, and caching DNS resolver
unbound-setup 1.0
wide-dhcpv6 1.0