The meta-shift layer is a set of recipes and classes for the Bitbake build system, which allows developers to test or examine their C/C++ software modules in the host build environment.

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Recipe name Version Description
compiledb 0.10.1 Tool for generating Clang's JSON Compilation Database files
cppcheck 2.8 cppcheck - Static code analyzer for C/C++
cpplint 1.6.1 CPPLint - a static code analyzer for C/C++
duplo 0.8.0 Duplo
fff 1.1 Fake Function Framework (fff) for C
gcovr 4.2 gcovr
libcanary-stability-perl 2013 Canary::Stability - canary to check perl compatibility for schmorp's modules
libcommon-sense-perl 3.75 common::sense - save a tree AND a kitten, use common::sense!
libjson-perl 4.02000 Perl module to decode/encode json files
libjson-xs-perl 4.03 JSON serialising/deserialising, done correctly and fast
libperlio-gzip-perl 0.20 Perl module to manipulate and access gzip files
libtypes-serialiser-perl 1.01 Types::Serialiser - simple data types for common serialisation formats
metrixpp 1.7.1 metrix++
oelint-adv 3.7.2 Advanced oelint
oelint-parser 2.3.1 alternative parser for bitbake recipes
python-anytree 2.8.0 anytree
python-bashlex 0.16 Python parser for bash
python-colorama 0.4.4 colorama
python-lcov-cobertura 1.6 LCOV to Cobertura XML converter
python-shutilwhich 1.1.0 shutil.which
python-texttable 1.6.4 texttable
sage 0.4.8 Static Analyzer Group Executor