BSP layer for the NVIDIA Jetson family of SoMs and development kits, based on L4T and JetPack

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The meta-tegra layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
arm-trusted-firmware 1.3-l4t-32.2.3 ARM Trusted Firmware - L4T distribution
cboot 31.1.0 cboot bootloader for Tegra194
cboot 28.3.0 cboot bootloader for Tegra186
cboot-prebuilt 32.2.3
cuda-binaries 10.0.326-1 NVIDIA L4T CUDA binaries
cuda-binaries-ubuntu1604-native 10.0.326-1 NVIDIA L4T CUDA cross-development binaries
cuda-binaries-ubuntu1804-native 10.0.326-1 NVIDIA L4T CUDA cross-development binaries
cuda-command-line-tools 10.0.326-1 CUDA package cuda-command-line-tools
cuda-core 10.0.326-1 CUDA package cuda-core
cuda-cublas 10.0.326-1 CUDA package cuda-cublas
cuda-cudart 10.0.326-1 CUDA package cuda-cudart
cuda-cufft 10.0.326-1 CUDA package cuda-cufft
cuda-curand 10.0.326-1 CUDA package cuda-curand
cuda-cusolver 10.0.326-1 CUDA package cuda-cusolver
cuda-cusparse 10.0.326-1 CUDA package cuda-cusparse
cuda-driver 10.0.326-1 CUDA package cuda-driver
cuda-misc-headers 10.0.326-1 CUDA package cuda-misc-headers
cuda-npp 10.0.326-1 CUDA package cuda-npp
cuda-nvrtc 10.0.326-1 CUDA package cuda-nvrtc
cuda-samples 10.0.326-1 CUDA sample programs
cuda-toolkit 10.0.326-1 Dummy recipe for bringing in CUDA tools and libraries
cuda-tools-native 10.0.326-1
cudnn NVIDIA CUDA Deep Neural Network library
egl-wayland 1.1.3 Wayland EGL external platform library
eglexternalplatform 1.1 EGL external platform interface
gcc-linaro-baremetal-arm-native 7.4.1-2019.02 Linaro baremetal ARM toolchain (prebuilt)
gstreamer1.0-omx-tegra 1.0.0-r32.2.3 OpenMAX IL plugins for GStreamer (Nvidia-specific)
gstreamer1.0-plugins-nveglgles 1.2.3-r32.2.3 Plugins for the GStreamer multimedia framework 1.x
gstreamer1.0-plugins-nvvideo4linux2 1.14.0-r32.2.3 NVIDIA v4l2 GStreamer plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-nvvideosinks 1.14.0-r32.2.3 NVIDIA video sinks GStreamer plugin
gstreamer1.0-plugins-tegra 32.2.3
l4t-usb-device-mode 1.0 Configuration for setting up L4T USB device mode gadgets
libdrm-nvdc 32.2.3 NVIDIA DRM compatibility library
libglvnd 1.2.0 libglvnd is a vendor-neutral dispatch layer for arbitrating OpenGL API calls between multiple vendors.
libvisionworks NVIDIA VisionWorks Toolkit is a CUDA accelerated software development package for computer vision (CV) and image processing.
libvisionworks-sfm 0.90.4 NVIDIA VisionWorks Plus (SFM) contains platform specific optimized libraries, including SFM, a library of computer vision primitives and algorithms with framework optimizied for NVIDIA platforms built on top of NVIDIA Visionworks and extends its API
libvisionworks-tracking 0.88.2 NVIDIA VisionWorks target tools
linux-tegra 4.9+gitX Linux for Tegra kernel recipe
nv-tegra-release 32.2.3
sdcard-layout 1.0 SDcard layout definition file for Jetson Nano
tegra-binaries 32.2.3 NVIDIA L4T binaries
tegra-bootfiles 32.2.3
tegra-brcm-patchram 32.2.3
tegra-configs 32.2.3 Miscellaneous configuration files provided by L4T
tegra-configs-alsa 32.2.3 Sound configuration files provided by L4T
tegra-firmware 32.2.3
tegra-flashvars 32.2.3 Machine-specific variables for tegraflash
tegra-libraries 32.2.3
tegra-minimal-init 1.0 Minimal initramfs init script
tegra-minimal-initramfs 1.0 Minimal initramfs image for Tegra platforms
tegra-mmapi 32.2.3 NVIDIA Tegra Multimedia API headers
tegra-mmapi-glheaders 32.2.3 NVIDIA-specific OpenGL headers
tegra-nvphs 32.2.3 NVIDIA Power Hinting Service
tegra-nvpmodel 32.2.3 nvpmodel tool and configuration files
tegra-nvs-service 32.2.3 NVIDIA sensor HAL daemon
tegra-tools 32.2.3 Miscellaneous tools provided by L4T
tegra186-flashtools-native 32.2.3
tegra186-redundant-boot 32.2.3
tegra210-flashtools-native 32.2.3
tensorrt 5.1.6-1 NVIDIA TensorRT (GPU Inference Engine) for deep learning
tos-trusty 32.2.3 Construct a trusted OS image with ATF and Trusty
tos-trusty-prebuilt 32.2.3
trusty-l4t 32.2.3 Trusty secure OS - L4T distribution
u-boot-bup-payload 1.0 Generates a bootloader update payload for use with nv_update_engine when using U-Boot on tegra186 platforms.
u-boot-fw-utils-tegra 2016.07+gitX U-Boot bootloader fw_printenv/setenv utilities
u-boot-tegra 2016.07+gitX Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
xserver-xorg-video-nvidia 32.2.3
jetson-nano Nvidia Jetson Nano dev board
jetson-tx1 Nvidia Jetson TX1 dev board
jetson-tx2 Nvidia Jetson TX2 dev board
jetson-tx2-4gb Nvidia Jetson TX2 4GB variant
jetson-tx2i Nvidia Jetson TX2i dev board
jetson-xavier Nvidia Jetson Xavier dev board